Bears play a game of waiting with Trubisky


The Bears quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, should not be training Wednesday due to an injury to the right shoulder that forced him to miss last Thursday's victory over the Lions.

"This will remain one of his daily problems," coach Matt Nagy said. "I do not know his level of pain tolerance or his current level, but I really think his arrow is up and we'll just have to keep communicating with him every day to find out where he is. . "

Trubisky's availability for Sunday's game against the New York Giants will only be determined later in the week, likely as late as game day.

"If he's starting to feel better and we feel the need to make a decision sooner, we'll do it," Nagy said. "But it's something that goes back to Khalil Mack]and A-Rob (Allen Robinson II) [injuries]it could end up being a game thing. "

Trubisky was injured on the shoulder last November 18 during the Bears' 25-0 win Sunday night against the Vikings at Soldier Field on an illegal shot destroyed by safety Harrison Smith.

Nagy reiterated that Trubisky's injury was not a long-term injury and had revealed that his range of motion was not a problem. The coach also said he would feel confident that Trubisky could play against the Giants even though he had only limited representatives this week.

"I feel like the time he has spent this season with the reps he's had, that helps him get ready," Nagy said. "If we end up going, I'm not worried."

Asked what Bears coaches will be monitoring to determine if Trubisky will be able to practice, Nagy replied, "If he has to play, he must be able to make shots and get physically safe." it looks like everything and then they will come to us and ask us: 'Is this something we think we can do or not do?'

Although Nagy recognizes that it is helpful to be able to rely on a competent backup in Chase Daniel, this will not affect Trubisky's return to the game.

"This decision was not made because of that," Nagy said. "We're going to do what's best for Mitch, we'll do what's best for us, and then, once we know where we are, we'll be able to judge and prepare them both mentally and mentally. " and then physically too. "

Making only his third start in nine NFL seasons, Daniel excelled against Lions on Thanksgiving in tough circumstances. After not taking any training representative at full speed due to the short week, he completed 27 of his 37 passes for 230 yards with two touchdowns, no turnaround and a 106.8 passer-by. during a win of 23-16.

If Daniel is forced to start Sunday against the Giants, he will enjoy a full week of training.

"I think that could certainly help," Nagy said. "If that's the way we end up going, it's going to have more reps compared to what it's going through [last week]. It was hard. It was all mental. You are entering the game and we are now expecting the guys to run some excellent, accurate field passes, and I do not know if that is necessarily realistic. "

Nagy obviously did not want Trubisky to be hurt, but the Bears coach was delighted that Daniel had a rare opportunity to start – and win – the Thanksgiving match in Detroit. Nagy served as Daniel's coach for three seasons with the Chiefs from 2013 to 2015.

"For my story with Chase and the relationship I have with him, he has always been almost like a little assistant coach for us too," Nagy said. "He's been great in this area, so here's a guy who not only fulfills his role of assistant coach, but also a guy who has the ability to step in and make sure that coaches feel very comfortable to win games with him at quarterback. "


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