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Beat Michigan in OT doubles or blow them?

In the last hundred years of the Ohio State in Michigan, the Buckeyes have won many victories.

There were tight victories, back-to-back victories, kicks, comfortable, but still amiable victories, as in 2007, and even a Game of the Century victory in 2006.

In the past three years, however, the Buckeyes have won in a way they have never seen before.

In 2016, it was a 30-27 double overtime win, and last Saturday a 62-point loss as Michigan had never seen before in regulation. The loss put an end to Wolverines' hopes for the playoffs, which was a nice little bonus for the Buckeyes.

Both games stand out for obvious reasons.

To return to the 2016 game, starting linebacker Raekwon McMillan even ranked him above the 2014 playoff games.

"It's probably my favorite win of all the times I've ever played," he said at the time. "Win the national championship, the Sugar Bowl, beat Penn State on the road when I was a freshman, all of those, I think it's the best game I've ever had. never played. "

Why did he feel like that?

"It's rivalry," he said. "This is the game that all fans of Ohio State or That Team Up North will remember about their lives. The Shoe, number two against number three, we went twice as long. It was one of those games that people will turn to and say it was a great game. "

McMillan was absolutely right. This game will live forever.

There must also be a special spot for an eruption of 62-39 which saw record performances all over the field.

In two rare cases, this raises the question of who was the best and the only people who can answer the question correctly are those who played in both games.

"What's better?", Asked the defensive junior team Jonathon Cooper? "I could not explain the double victory in overtime. It was a different type of feeling. That one, that one was special. But expelling them was also good. A victory is a victory. A dub is a dub. "

Pressed to file the two wins, however, and he finally nodded.

"I would say that the double overtime probably takes that one."

For others, like Jordan Fuller, security, the number of shots he has played in each of his matches a little confusion his judgment.

"A win is a win, I would say. A win is a win, "he said before adding:" I had more role in this one, so this one probably feels better. I can not really say. "

It's like asking a parent to choose their favorite child.

Do they have more love for the one who had difficult times growing up and gave them ulcers but that eventually turned out well, or did they keep that special place in their hearts for the 39; child who has never been a problem and never caused them stress? "

For the fourth-year junior catcher, KJ Hill, he has no favorite – unless you ask him a second time.

"I think both because you get the win and another pair of golden trousers," he said.

Hill was clearly having a good time on Saturday, including this touchdown where he highlighted Michigan's safety Josh Metellus to let him know the play was going as planned.

Seeing this game, it's not surprising to know which game is Hill's favorite when you push it a little bit.

"I would say to blow them out," he said with a smile.

Would he be pointing his defender and preventing him during the stress of a double overtime game?

"Yes, I still am," he says with a laugh.

For most Buckeyes, however, the answer will likely be the same: every Michigan win is at the top, and the senior straight tackle Isaiah Prince perfectly explains why.

"A win over our rivals is always good," he said. "I am always satisfied. This is not serious. It's a victory over our rivals. They can not boast. They can not say that they beat us. I'm fine, but we win. "

All that is required of each player is to prevent Michigan from experiencing the joy of victory in this rivalry. As long as it happens, it does not matter if that win is one point or 70 points.

"We just do not like these guys," said Prince. "We spend all year preparing for ourselves. For me, it does not matter how you win. It matters this we won, period. "

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