Beats response to Apple's new AirPod arrives in April


Beats will announce a new version of its PowerBeats sports headphones, which removes cords and makes them truly wireless, like the AirPods.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Apple can do what it says is the "most popular headphones in the world" – the AirPods – but not to forget anything, it's the owner of another helmets company, Beats, which will soon have its own real wireless competitor on the market. A cordless version of Beats PowerBeats Wireless sports headphones will be announced in April, according to a person close to the retail network who has already provided credible information to CNET.

We have already seen this game plan. After the release of AirPod by Apple in the fall of 2016, Beats also announced new headphones, including the BeatsX, which included Apple's latest chip for headphones, the W1.

Likewise, the new real PowerBeats wireless headphones should use Apple's new H1 chip and have the same Siri voice assistant still active as the new AirPods, as well as other connectivity enhancements that the H1 is supposed to bring. The battery life may also be better than that of AirPods.

Beats has not released any major helmet since Beats Studio3 Wireless, which was updated with the W1 chip and improved the sound in June 2018. The brand should have updated its range.

The new PowerBeats could be an alternative to people who hoped the new AirPods would include design improvements this would help keep them safer in the ears of more people and offer features such as better bass and better water resistance. These features will probably be available in the new PowerBeats.

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The big question is the price. The person I talked to did not have any details about the costs, but the current price of the PowerBeats3 Wireless is $ 200. You can actually buy them for just $ 90 on Amazon and Best Buy has them on sale for $ 100 off, which is also a great indication that something new is happening.

It would not be surprising if Beats maintains a $ 250 list price on the new PowerBeats, although it is too high and not the real price. In my opinion, they must cost $ 200 or less to compete with the AirPods, which range in price from $ 159 to $ 199.

We will update this message as we get more information, but this should be interesting in the coming months, as more and more companies, including Beats, from Apple, are offering attractive alternatives AirPods.


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