Bebe Rexha defends his father after he's asked him to stop publishing stupid pornography


Bebe Rexha, dad


Bebe Rexha says she's "disappointed" with herself after posting an SMS from her father on social media.

Just a few days ago, the 29-year-old "Last Hurray" singer appeared at Instagram Story to share a screenshot of a critical message that she had received from his father, Flamur Rexha. In the message, Bebe's father told him "to stop publishing stupid pornography" and said that he was "very angry" against her.

"You better stop publishing stupid pornography because you make me sick," Flamur wrote in the text message. "I can not stand it anymore."

Bebe's father then told his daughter in the message that he was "embarrassed to go in public".

"I am very angry with you," said Flamur to Bebe. "I can not believe."

With an emoji on the palm of the face, Bebe subtitled the screenshot: "My father hates me."

Bebe Rexha, dad


After seeing the text message on Instagram Story, many fans began to criticize Bebe's father for his comments to his daughter.

The singer then removed the screenshot of social media and chose Twitter to defend her father in the middle of the reaction.

"Do not say bad things to my dad, please, he's a great dad," Bebe told his social media subscribers in a message deleted since, adding that his dad n & # 39; He was "not a bad guy".

"I should never have posted this screenshot," she tweeted. "I'm disappointed in myself, I was sarcastic, I understand where he's coming from." [from] as a father and that's why the text was a little hard. I'm sorry he still does not talk to me, but he's still my father. "

Only days after Bebe had learned that his music video "Last Hurray" was reported as "sensitive" on YouTube.

"My video has been reported as" sensitive "on YouTube," she tweeted her fans last week. "So it can not be trendy now."

"I am a woman who lives without excuse, I will not feel uncomfortable doing antiretroviral treatment," she added in a moment tweet. "And yes, art is my nice ass, boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls, the cross on my body.If a MALE RECALL PUBLISHES THIS VIDEO, IT WILL END."

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