Becky Lynch says she's been told to "make it easier" on Rousey & Browne


It's been a long time since we've seen Twitter appear in the Raw Women tournament title, but I think the ceasefire will end after Becky Lynch earlier in the day (March 22):

Since this story (and all that is happening in the WWE – well, Ronda?) Is written in a script, I'm wary of the hashtag.

But who knows? Believing the man was pissing off Rousey, and fearing that the former UFC champion had hurt her in the ring, was the hottest since this enmity took place. Survivor SeriesAttempting to take this atmosphere is not a bad idea.

I am particularly impressed by the manipulated photo addition of Travis Browne's shirt. Of course, it reminds me that Browne is now part of a story that already had too many roles. And there are already teasing consequences of his involvement last Monday in Raw, so …

Anyway, we are waiting for the answer to the last tweet of The Man and see where it will take us.


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