Become the number 1 on YouTube, the president of Jakmania Ferry highlights the provocative Koreo at GBLA


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – The case of the shots against Harirl Sirla (23 years) to death during the match Persib vs Persija, Sunday, 23/09/2018, is still in the spotlight.

Many parties have criticized the acts of anarchy and supporters of the Persib self-defense groups who could beat Haringga to death.

This problem has also become a serious concern of the Indonesian government.

TVOne's YouTube Indonesia Lawyers Club reports from the governor to the club president were on hand to discuss the steps to ensure that the beatings were not repeated.

Impressions on Persija's fans, the Jakmania Ferry Indra Syarif became the number 1 on YouTube on Thursday (27/09/2018).

The video was uploaded Tuesday (9/25/2018) to tvOne Indonesia Lawyers Club's YouTube account.

In the video, Ferry himself admitted to having emphasized Viking's provocative choreography in the Persib vs. Persija match at GBLA (Gelora Bandung Lautan Api) at that time.

"In yesterday's game, everything provoked, it's our choreography that we played without violence," said Ferry.

According to Ferry, during the match, supporters of the opposing team showed a provocative choreography.

"They did the choreography yesterday with a bloody head with swords of all kinds, that is the choreography that they showed and highlighted.Then, there was" Here You Die ".

The governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, in the same program, also claimed to have seen the writing.

He also deeply regretted that this was done by supporters of Persib.

"I've seen many clubs as well as supporters make fun of each other, there were ridiculed images, ridiculed color symbols, etc.," said Ridwan Kamil.

"Including what I regret, Panpel did not reduce the provocation of the banner, including me, regrets it too, the choreography was encouraging but making fun of it was also timely.

Seeing these provocative things, Ferry, as general president of The Jackmania, also made various suggestions for these things not to happen again.

"The first attempt was a hate campaign – Racist, right from the beginning of the song, since the beginning of the jersey, from the beginning of the banner – we had to focus on that," Ferry said.

Ferry, over the last two years, has campaigned against racist songs and anti-hate speech.

Ferry also admitted that his relationship with supporters of Persib was still good.

"I am with Heru, I have been accepted to Heru many times in Bandung.Many Vikings have really received me there, I am safe in Bandung," Ferry said.

See the video above. ( Rizky Asteria N)