Ben Affleck holds hands with his son Samuel after seeing Seraphina go to camp – Hollywood Life

There will be one less Affleck child in town while Seraphina, daughter of Ben and Jennifer Garner, goes to summer camp. The actor held the hand of his son Samuel as they saw her leave.

Apparently, those camping sessions in the backyard that Jennifer Garner held for his daughters was in preparation for something bigger. His 10 year old daughter Séraphine headed to the summer camp on July 7 and dad Ben Affleck, 46, helped carry everything she will need. He was seen with a large sleeping bag, a sleeping bag, a pillow and a backpack, while Seraphina wore a large pink backpack on her shoulders while she was leaving Brentwood, California.

The son of the former couple Samuel was there to see his sister leave and then had a quality moment with his father. Once Seraphina was on his way, Ben was holding his son's hand as they walked on the sidewalk. the Argo The handsome kid looks super fit these days, his plaid shirt covering a white t-shirt hanging on his torso muscles. The rest of his look was Sunday casual in Converse jeans and sneakers.

Jen, 46, has already instilled her children in camping on June 29, when she planted a tent in her backyard and organized a family camping. She shared an adorable photo of her, wrapped in a blanket inside the tent, looking exhausted. "Campout in the yard. The children are still sleeping. Capt # # #whencanihavecoffee #chickensareloud jets, reads his caption.

Ben and Samueol Affleck
Ben Affleck is seen with Samuel in Brentwood, California, after taking his daughter Seraphina to the summer camp on July 7, 2019. (Boaz / BACKGRID)
Ben Affleck and his daughter Seraphina
Ben Affleck helps send his daughter Seraphina to summer camp in Brentwood, California on July 7, 2019. (Boaz / BACKGRID)

Jen also made sure her daughters spend time outdoors with the scouts. She posted a hilarious video tutorial on Instagram on May 29th, during the Memorial Day weekend, where she would try to stuff a sleeping bag in her bag. "Allow my tutorial to improve the glampout this weekend. #girlscouts #wheresmybadge #competent, "she subtitled the video. The Girl Scouts of America were impressed by commenting via their Instagram account: "The best tutorial we have ever seen – and we live for this" YES "victorious in the end!"

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