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Ben Gamel saves the Brewers with a 5-4 win over the Giants

The score of the box

Brewers looking to get out of a long crisis, they have once again faced the Giants today, in the hope of a victory. It started as a pitcher's duel, but turned into an offensive battle, and Ben Gamel became the late hero.

At the first run, it could be another long night. Brandon Belt was the first to catch a missed catch from Zach Davies. Buster Posey followed with one, and the bases were loaded with one after the walk Evan Longoria. Davies earned them a point while Mike Yastrzemski made a sacrificial volley to give him a 1-0 lead. The Brewers attempted an answer in their first half. Lorenzo Cain started with a single and Ryan Braun doubled to put the runners in second and third places. After Mike Moustakas was out, Madison Bumgarner threw a throw in the dust at Jesus Aguilar. Posey blocked the ball and then found himself in third place, where he grabbed Lorenzo Cain on third base, ending the inning.

The second passed almost silently. Zach Davies sent the Giants in order, and the Brewers got a single and a Keston Hiura flight, but it was to the second. The third was similar, the Giants being in order again. Lorenzo Cain was third with a double and then a lead of Christian Yelich, but failed to score after Braun's defeat.

In the fourth inning, Evan Longoria started with a single, then finished second on a wild course. Then, with two outs, Manny Pina tied Posey's game in the first inning, catching Longoria trying to steal the third goal to finish the top of the fourth. At the end of the round, Mike Moustakas chose to start the round, but Aguilar and Hiura retired for the first two outings of the inning. Pina then doubled her center to the center and Moustakas attempted to score. However, a good throw of Kevin Pillar and Brandon Crawford, as well as a good catch and a good Posey tag, had Moustakas on the plate.

In the fifth inning, Zach Davies continued to throw well, strolling for another scoreless run. Then Davies took things in hand on the attack. He doubled with one out to get into the score position. It looked like it would be another scoreless run after Cain flew off and Yelich hit a ball directly against second baseman Joe Panik, but Panik could not play the ball cleanly, allowing Yelich to reach the goal. In addition, Panik was not paying attention and Davies continued to run, scored in second place and tied the match 1-1. It could have turned into a bigger heat, while Braun was following a ball and Yelich and Braun were flying twice, but Moustakas had collapsed to end the inning.

Davies came back for the sixth and had another 1-2-3 run with two strikeouts. This was the case for Davies day and despite the first run, it was a good day for him. He pitched six innings, allowing only one undue point and two hits, as well as two draws and five strikeouts. On the other side, Madison Bumgarner was not as strong a day. He only pitched five innings, allowed an undeserved run and seven hits, as well as a walk and six strikeouts.

After a sixth without points for the Brewers, Junior Guerra was introduced in the seventh inning. He eliminated Yastrzemski and Pillar to start the inning, but Crawford stood out with two outs. A double switch followed that brought Alex Claudio and Orlando Arcia. Claudio then allowed a single to hit striker Donovan Solano and a double to Slater, who scored Crawford and gave the Giants a 2-1 lead.

The Brewers attempted another recovery late in the seventh inning. One of Cain's and Yelich's singles puts the runners at the first and third goals. Braun arrived after that and ended up playing a double game, finishing the heat and keeping the match at 2-1. Freddy Peralta took eighth place, eliminated Posey to start the inning, but then faced Sandoval and Longoria. After a quick tour of the mound, Peralta no longer thrown a ball, eliminating Yastrzemski and Pillar to end the round.

Sam Dyson was brought by the Giants for the eighth inning. The Brewers attack finally broke out here. Moustakas opened the scoring with a double, then Aguilar followed with another double, equalizing the match to 2-2. Keston Hiura followed with a third consecutive double, giving the Brewers a 3-2 lead. Eric Thames came into the game as a precision hitter and was selected for the fourth straight stroke, placing runners in first and third place. The Giants brought Derek Holland and Yasmani Grandal started a march to charge the bases. Arcia then hits a ball in the right field, not too deep, and Hiura tries to score. The ball beat Hiura on the plate, but Hiura slipped around the label and into the back corner of the plate, scoring and giving the Brewers a point of assurance.

Jeremy Jeffress was invited for the ninth to finish the match. Crawford walked, and Solano hit to start the inning. Slater chose to put two runners on the base. Stephen Vogt came in as a batter, and he chose to center. Crawford scored easily, but Cain did not show the ball well, which also allowed Slater to score. That tied the game at 4-4, and aroused a sense of fear as it seemed like it could be another game lost late.

At the bottom of the ninth, the giants brought Reyes Moronto. Ryan Braun opened the ball with Brandon Crawford, but he failed to throw it cleanly and Braun reached the base. This was followed by Moustakas and Aguilar in the first two outings of the round. Hiura walked to put the runners on first and second base, and Ben Gamel came in as a claw hitter. At the fifth step, Gamel scored twice on the left, which allowed Braun to easily score and give the Brewers a 5-4 win.

The Brewers will attempt to start the second half of the season with a winning streak tomorrow afternoon. Jhoulys Chacin will face Tyler Beede in the final of the series. The first launch is at 13:10.

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