Ben Higgins and his girlfriend Jessica Clarke formalize their relationship on Instagram

Ben Higgins is ready to introduce his girlfriend to the world.

After a lot of excitement and anticipation, The single person the fan favorite took social media Wednesday afternoon to make his relationship with Jessica Clarke Official Instagram.

"It's been too long since I selfishly kept this girl for me! Hey, my friends, meet @jessclarke_!" he wrote to his disciples. "I managed to slip into his DM's a few months ago, I took a risk and I'm happy to have done it.It's a special person and I'm I can not wait to see where life will take us. "

Ben continued, "Stay tuned for the trip, and this photo was taken this week in Honduras, where I had the chance to spend time with an amazing group of people from all over the world. United in an adventure @generous_coffee_ Life is beautiful! "

In this week's episode of Ben's podcast iHeartRadio, his co-host Ashley Iaconetti revealed that Jessica will be a guest of the Almost known show next monday.

"It's the most fantastic and comforting thing! I'm so happy for you !!!" Ashley shared in the comments section. Wells Adams added: "#HottyToddy."

In January, Ben revealed for the first time on his podcast that he was dating someone and was currently living a long distance relationship.

While he was trying to keep his identity under the radar, his relatives remained loyal but also revealed how happy he was.

"Everyone buzzes about it. [I haven’t met her]but I know they have been trading flights in the past two months, "Ashley told E! News at D & # 39; AGREEMENT! MagazineThe pre-Grammys party. "He really looks very happy."

So, who is Ben's new love? Let's take a look at everything we know about Jessica so far!

1. She is an Ole Miss Alum: Jessica recently graduated from Ole Miss with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Integrated Communications, according to her LinkedIn profile. In May, she joined Instagram to share photos of her degree.

"My time at Ole Miss has taught me that I have no control over my life and the men are grateful for it!" she subtitled the post. "It was not what I expected, but it was better, thanks for my best friends."

2. She has two brothers: Jessica posted a photo on Instagram with her brothers at Ole Miss. "The last day of playing as Landshark, I have the two of my brothers with me at my favorite place, the best day of my life … hotty toddy," she recounted. .

3. She seems to have a Rex dog name: Jessica shared a nice photo with her puppy on Instagram during the summer.

"Rex came to watch his cousin play, but he is blind and he only listens," she subtitled.

4. She runs marathons: Jessica posted a photo after participating in the Rock Marathon's n & # 39; Nashville Roll in 2017.

"I came out of my retirement for my city," she writes next to the photo.

5. She works at Valet Energy in Nashville: Jessica's profile on LinkedIn shows that she has been working for several months as a key account manager at Valet Energy.

As for Jessica's big revelation on Instagram, she kept things short but so cute.

"My secret boyfriend, Ben!" she shared on social media. "He has one of the biggest hearts and the kindest of spirits." I shared Honduras with him last week and I'm excited for many other adventures! " Too cute!

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