Ben Sasse explains why he switched to the Trump border emergency declaration


Senator Ben Sasse, R-Neb., Told Fox News Monday night that he had voted against a resolution to prevent President Trump's statement of a national emergency at the border. Mexican-American because "the president is absolutely right" and the statement of urgency "is not a close call."

"I think there are three different problems here," Sasse told "Special Report with Bret Baier". "The first is, do we objectively have a crisis at the border?" And, we have … Second, does the president have the power to declare a crisis in this kind of situation? … I think the President has authority – it's a different question than whether it's a good law or not. "

Twelve Republican senators in the Senate joined the Democrats on Thursday to block Trump 's emergency declaration, including the 2012 presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. The resolution, which the president vetoed the next day, would have prevented Trump from seizing billions of dollars for other projects to pay for the wall he had promised for a long time along the southwestern border.

Sasse told Fox News that the 1976 national emergency law used by Trump to justify the emergency declaration "is an incredibly broad law and I think we should correct it … But I think we should do it in a way that applies to every president going forward, not just this president right now, about this emergency. "


"We should make more distinction between campaigning and governance," said Sasse, who is due to be re-elected next year, "and at the governance level, we should face the crisis on the southern border, which is real and we should reform the National Emergencies Act, which gives too much power to presidents to go forward. "

Sasse also discussed ongoing floods in his home country, claiming that his home town of Fremont "has become an island for days" and added that he was working with the Trump administration to quickly obtain federal assistance to the state.

"It's really amazing," said Sasse about the floods. "We have 93 counties, of which 53 have issued emergency declarations … What we need is that there is more rain and that many neighbors help these right now. "

The senator also dismissed insinuations that climate change was at the root of the intensification of the disaster, saying that "the if-then relationship that many people tie up in the midst of crisis will bring no precious help ".


"We have lots of people fighting for their lives and livelihoods, sandbanks in the middle of the Platte River filled with cows," he said. "… So politicizing this in the midst of a controversy is not the right decision.The debate on climate change is important, there is a lot of debate that we should have here, but a lot of People who run for election want to be certain about the solution, even if their solutions are often devastating for the economy.

"So we should distinguish between analyzing big problems, dealing with emergencies and debates about what you do next."

Bret Baier from Fox News contributed to this report.

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