Bennet, potential candidate for 2020, claims to have prostate cancer


Democratic Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, who is considering a bid for the Democratic presidency in 2020, said Wednesday that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

"Although hearing news like this is never easy, I have the chance to have been detected early and, therefore, my prognosis is good," Bennet said in a statement. published Wednesday night.

The 54-year-old Senator said he plans to undergo surgery to remove his prostate during the spring break of Congress, which begins next week.

Bennet told Colorado Independent on Wednesday that he intended to announce his candidacy for the presidency in April and had decided to pose as a physicist in advance. He told the Web site that he still intended to run for president when he did not suffer from cancer after his surgery.

Unlike several 2020 runners, Bennet opposes single payer public health care. After his diagnosis of cancer, he said that "the idea that the richest country in the world did not understand how to implement universal health care is more than embarrassing".

In his statement, Bennet said: "This unforeseen obstacle only reinforces the feelings that drive me to contribute to the broader debate about the future of our country."

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