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Best Amazon Prime Day Deals: Recast DVR, Instant Pot, Free Echo, iPads, AirPods, Marvel Movies and More


Prime Day sales have already begun.

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It's almost happened – in fact, in many ways, it's already started: Amazon Prime Day 2019 – Black Friday in July, everything is on sale everywhere – from Monday, July 15 at midnight (Paris time). The official start date is still in a few days, but there is already a long list of promotional offers already available. We have listed our favorite offers below, but before doing anything else, make a note of it. eight ways to score the best deals on Prime Day 2019.

Of course, as Amazon says, the rest of retail also disappears. You will want to check Walmart's answer to Prime Day, EBay's answer to Prime Day and Target's response to the First DayOf course, these stores make their own sales on July 15th and 16th. And the sale of Macy's Black Friday in July is already underway, with this standout available now: the Duo of 6-qt instant jars for $ 49.99 with coupon code TREAT. It really beats the Black Friday price. (And Amazon just matched: see below.)

This year's Prime Day lasts 48 hours – although many deals with Prime Day will likely continue in the hours (and even days) following the official end of the event. Keep this article in your favorites and check it regularly for all current and available offers.

The best Prime Day offers right now

For the moment, let's take a look at the current batch of contracts entered into by Amazon before the deadline, starting with the one announced last week: Spend $ 10 at Whole Foods and get a $ 10 Amazon credit for Prime Day. You'll also find deals on the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Marvel movie rentals and more. I especially like the Amazon Fire TV Recast for $ 129.99 (save $ 100), a great deal for the cordless cordless DVR.

While you're here, here's how to make sure do not miss a Prime Day Sale you look for, your secret weapon on the first day and how to save even more than expected on the first day. Note that CNET may obtain a share of the revenues from the sale of the products and services presented on this page.

The redesign is the live digital recorder from Amazon, a free option for cord cutters wishing to record live TV shows. It normally sells for $ 229.99, which represents a considerable saving (and by far the lowest price to date). Just note that you will have to associate it with an Amazon Fire TV device. These are not yet on sale, but they will be soon, no question.

Everyone's favorite kitchen accessory has been on sale at Macy's throughout the week, but Amazon has just embarked on a matching price (a price higher than Black Friday's, FYI). To obtain it, you must click (or touch) the $ 10 coupon on the page before adding it to your cart. Wondering how this model compares to all others? Read the CNET story on the best Instant Pot to buy.

Another offer exclusively for Premium subscribers, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Echo Dot offers only 169 € when you add them to your basket. Previously, the Ring was on sale for $ 169 alone – the Dot only added icing on the cake.

Between today and Prime Day, Amazon offers significant discounts on a ton of magazines. Reader's Digest, for example: 10 numbers for $ 8. Martha Stewart Living: 10 issues for $ 5.49. Men's Health: 10 issues for $ 9.99. These are all printed magazines unless otherwise indicated.

You can not get enough MCU? In the run-up to Prime Day, Amazon is offering Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Iron Man 3, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and more for just $ 1.99 each.

Although this price has dropped to $ 50 (!) Over the weekend, it is now back to $ 70 – a solid contract, but you might want to wait for the first day, while the big echo of second generation definitely fall again.

Yes, the price of the third generation has not been as low since November.

Compared to streaming music services like Apple Music and Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited is already a bargain at $ 7.99 per month. This promotion – which requires a premium subscription and address to new Music Unlimited subscribers – brings you four full months for a dollar. After that, you will switch to the normal rate unless you cancel.

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Amazon currently has the 2017 iPad model of 32GB for $ 249 (which is the street's de facto price these days). But the best deal is the 128GB model for $ 329. This gives you four times more storage space for the same price you would pay for the 32GB model on the Apple Store.

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This is not a huge discount, but it's something. The Apple's flagship AirPods come with a wireless charging holster, a tiny but nevertheless super nice convenience.

You do not care about wireless charging? Amazon also offers the second-generation AirPods with a standard case at $ 144.99, saving about $ 14.

Now that you know what's going on today, let's take a look at what to expect in the coming weeks – and how you can make sure you get the best deals. (Also, make sure you do not miss anything.)

Should I sign up for Amazon Prime now?

As noted earlier, the big sale is exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers and an annual subscription costs $ 119 (or $ 13 per month if you do not want to pay all at once).

Is it worth it? If you only get it for the First Day, then probably not. I'm here to tell you that Amazon products are on sale All the time. (Example: Amazon Echo was recently reduced to $ 50, the lowest price ever – and it had nothing to do with Prime Day.)

But Prime offers many other benefitsincluding free night delivery on many products (and two days on most others) and many Prime Video movies and TV shows.

If you do not want to pay Premium but want to access Prime Day offers, here's a strategy: sign up to take advantage of Amazon's 30-day free trial. The only problem: it's only for new subscribers. Therefore, if you have already participated in the test or if you have already been a member, you can not get another test.

What other types of agreements should I expect?

The largest discounts are likely to apply to Amazon products and brands, including the full line of Echo speakers, Fire tablets and Fire TV streamers, Kindle readers, Blink cameras, and more. Amazon said it expects "the biggest Prime Day transactions ever made on Alexa-compatible devices".

But other sellers will take advantage of the event to offer selling prices, hence the "more than a million offers" that Amazon has promised for the next year. event.

Will Prime Day 2019 lead to lower prices for Amazon devices compared to Prime Day 2018? Or a day in between? We will have to wait and see.

For now, and for comparison purposes, here are some current prices and their counterparts from Prime Day 2018:

Amazon equipment: current prices vs Prime Day 2018

* Articles already on sale are shown in bold.

In my opinion, we will see similar prices for Prime Day 2019 on most of these items, but maybe some even better deals. In fact, the Fire TV cube recently cost $ 20 less than last year and, as noted above, the Echo full-size smart speaker was recently sold between $ 50 and $ 20 less than Prime Day. 2018!

Where and how to shop Prime Day

You do not need to sit in front of your computer for shopping in Prime Day. For example, if you have a Alexa-compatible device (for example, a Fire tablet or an Echo smart speaker), you can ask Alexa for Prime Day offers – some of which may only be available through a voice purchase.

Amazon mobile apps, meanwhile, will allow you to enter offers on the go. And if you are near a Whole Foods, you may be able to benefit from an additional discount on Prime Day. In 2018, Prime subscribers received a $ 10 credit for Whole Foods. At a minimum, you will get "10% extra on hundreds of items on sale," according to Amazon.

Finally, do not forget to make a charitable donation: the Amazon Smile program is a free and easy way to donate part of your purchase to any charity. Simply start your shopping experience at smile.amazon.com instead of www.amazon.com. (While you're there, find other ways to give to charity without even trying.)

Where can I find more Prime Day tips?

It's never too early to start learning the ropes of the Prime Day craft. For now, you can check out my main stories from last year:

I can not wait for July 15th. Where can I find good deals now?

Yes, it is only next week, but there is business to be done. We will update this message as soon as we find it, but for the moment, here are some interesting destinations:

Check out the Amazon offers pagewhich is updated daily.

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Discover CNET offers, where we share various offers from our retail partners and the wider Web.

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