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Best Amazon Prime Day smartwatch deals: Apple Watch, Garmin and more

Did you think Black Friday was the only good time to buy a new smartwatch? Think again. This year's Amazon Prime Day is the perfect time to buy a new device for your wrist and we've put together all the best deals we've found online so far.

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To make sure you make the right decision for your next laptop, we have browsed the Internet (which includes many Amazon listings) to ensure you get great value for your new smartwatch.

It's not just Amazon that wants you to improve your bracelets. There are some offers below for US users of Walmart, where the Apple Watch is priced even lower than the ones you would find with the big A.

Below you will find product offers for a wide variety of uses. We found the Apple Watch, Garmin devices, other running watches and many more things. We will check periodically to make sure that no offers have sold too, but dive at the bottom of this page to find your next smart wrist clothing.

Best smartwatch Deals on Amazon Prime Day: US

If you live in the United States, you will find below a selection of the best smartwatch deals we have found so far.

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Apple Watch 4 GPS 44mm $ 429 $ 399 on Amazon
Of course, this is not the biggest economy on this page, but it's the best you'll see for the latest Apple smartwatch. The Apple Watch 4 contains an ECG monitor, a more powerful speaker and a faster processor than its predecessor. Be sure to note that this is for the larger 44mm model, which is the best for big wrists.View Deal

Best smartwatch Deals on Amazon Prime Day: UK

It is now the turn of the United Kingdom. Dig in below to look through some of the best portable prices this day Amazon Prime.

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