Best Buy Launches New PlayStation 5 Stock, Users Complain About Site Errors


PS5 stock has been going back and forth this morning on Best Buy, and again, getting restocked was nearly impossible. Not only is the stock going at lightning speed thanks to the millions of PlayStation gamers still trying to get their hands on the console, but also because of the large number of dealers using bots to gobble up the stock in seconds. And naturally, the flood of users and the refresh frenzy led to several website issues.

Of course, many were able to secure the PS5, especially in follow-up replenishments, however, as always, Best Buy trending on Twitter largely because of those who couldn’t get a PS5, be it to because of the website. crash, cart issues, or because bots gobbled up inventory before anyone had a chance to add the console to their cart.

Replenishment seems to be limited to bundles, which usually don’t go as fast as the standard console, but it looks like it doesn’t this time around. As of the time of posting, customers are reporting they are getting their hands on an order, but as of the time of reading this, the reorder is likely sold out.

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Site overload


Shopping cart issues


Better buy, do better


Turns out you just have to try 100 times


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