Beta launch of Minecraft Earth Android in five cities


Minecraft LandThe closed beta has been launched on Android in Seattle, London, Tokyo, Stockholm and Mexico, its developer Mojang announced today. If you're lucky enough to have a beta invitation and live in one of the launching cities, you can start playing mobile gaming in augmented reality right now. You will need an AR compatible device running Android 7 or later to play.

Today's launch means that Minecraft LandThe Android version is moving a little more slowly than iOS since the launch of the beta on Apple's operating system last month. However, Android users will have access to the game's "Ruby" game motto before launching it on iOS. In a blog post announcing the beginning of the beta version of Android, the game developer says that the motto can be won by playing the game or purchased directly, and that any Rubis purchased will be attached to the Xbox Live account. 39 a user and will continue until the end. complete release.

First announced in May Minecraft Land is an augmented reality version of Mojang's open world craft game. Mojang's ultimate goal with the game is to cover the entire planet from Minecraft blocks, allowing you to create with them and then explore your structures with other players. Discover the Mojang Minecraft Land FAQ for more information, or sign up to access the beta here.

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