Bethesda bans only one Fallout 76 fan for accumulating too much ammo

Bethesda has banned the single player from Fallout 76 have put more than 900 hours of playing time in the game to have too much ammo on his account. The user of Reddit Glorf12 has not only sunk more than 37 days in Bethesda Fall MMO and posted on his experiences with agricultural sites for other players, but he was also banned from the game, apparently to have too much ammo.

Glorf12 received an email stating that he was using exploits in the game to duplicate rare items, a problem that has resulted in the permanent ban of several players in recent weeks. According to his follow-up post, he was carrying away the 100,000 rare items mentioned during his ban, and the only items close to this figure were ammunition for which he had legally been farming. He had hoped that the recent fix could have lifted his ban, but at the time of writing Bethesda is still waiting for news and has submitted several requests for help to try to remedy the situation.

The ban comes despite the fact that his original position on agricultural sites had been praised by the current Bethesda employee, while attracting a lot of attention from the somewhat limited staff. Fallout 76 community. After the disappointment of his ban is still in effect after the last patch, Glorf12 announced that he would move on to another match:

Always forbidden, the patch did nothing. Submitted another ticket, maybe I'll have an agent reading the ticket this time. Good luck to all who are still in the same boat. I think I'll try Warframe.

While it's understandable for Bethesda to want to limit cheaters in the game as much as possible, this approach to banning guns can do nothing to help a game that has only been ridiculed. by fans since his announcement. Hopefully, the ban will be lifted over the next few days, but this has done little to engender good faith in a community that already has a less than convincing view of Bethesda and his recent works.

Do you think that ban was justified? Have you played Fallout 76 at all? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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