Bethesda says that Rage 2, Eternal Doom and others will definitely be available on Steam •

Rage 2, Doom Eternal and other upcoming Bethesda titles will not be exclusive to the PC-based launcher, and will, according to the publisher, be permanently available on Steam.

It may seem rather random proclamation, but the news follows Bethesda 's decision to sell Fallout' s multiplayer Fallout 76 exclusively via – a decision that many would deem to be the company 's position. publisher for his future PC titles, despite the assertion of Pete Hines during a conversation with IGN that the company "had not decided" of his plans for other games.

Now, however, Bethesda has confirmed that his upcoming list of titles – including Rage 2, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot and Doom Eternal – will also be available via Steam. In addition, if Steam users are still reluctant to play Fallout 76, which will be besieged, the store will come to Valve's store "later this year."

In truth, it is unclear why Bethesda suddenly felt compelled to announce her relationship with Steam, although it is difficult not to frame her in the current context of discontent felt by many players on PC while Epic Games continues its insatiable stock of exclusive someone's going around his house (by which I mean obviously storefront) and playing.

Whatever the reason, the future Bethesda games will definitely arrive on Steam (as well as its own launcher). Hurray!

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