Bethesda SCREWS GAMERS over $ 200 version of Fallout 76


I do not even know what to say about Fallout 76 at this point, but I'm sure Bethesda's top management blames everyone under them for reasons. If you do not think the situation could worsen, tie up.

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Overnight a story has erupted that the $ 200 version of Fallout 76 in the Power Armor Edition was shipped in a worse state than the game. Bethesda promised in his own advertisement that the Power Armor edition would include a "military style west tek canvas bag", which looked pretty cool except that players are now receiving their $ 200 packs and that it has been replaced by a shit nylon bag.

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That's what the players get, with the first image showing the complete set that the Bethesda players have promised.

One of the first disappointed players to receive the nylon bag as a replacement for the promised bag in the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition Bundle was delivered to an Australian player, but Bethesda's e-mail response is the place where he shifts gears (s & he can not get worse).

Bethesda said in his email to a player concerned about the change of bait: "Due to the unavailability of materials, we had to use a nylon carrying case in Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition. We hope this will not prevent anyone from enjoying what we consider to be one of the best collector editions".

It's a really crappy thing for Bethesda because they did not tell players who paid $ 200 for the Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition bundle that they would not receive what had been announced and promised. Secondly, the email sent by the Bethesda Customer Support seems to take a "oh, we had a change of plans, but it was one of the best editions of our collectors so far, so do not you take care of that. "

And thirdly, Fallout 76 bombed so much that many players claimed to have destroyed the entire franchise, and Bethesda did so in the weeks following its launch.

Can it get worse?


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