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Beto O 'Rourke says white Americans must get reparations before they can "quantify" them

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Beto O 'Rourke had to face pressure to explain his reparations plan when he was elected president, a day after voicing his support for the need to repair black Americans for centuries. slavery.

But the Democrat was neglected on the details, choosing instead to refer the matter to a later date.

"I do not think the story lesson is incidental," OUR ROURKE told reporters Saturday after a reporter interrupted him in the middle of his response. "I think it says to everyone, especially White America, which is the majority, understands history, in a democracy, we will never reach a solution."

In April, O 'Rourke told Reverend Al Sharpton at his convention of the New York National Action Network that he would "absolutely" support the formation of a reparations commission by the through a bill introduced again by representative Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas. He again approved Saturday the proposal as the "best way" to go forward "officially and legally".

"And that's only after you've done that," said the former Texas congressman, citing the "national conversation" that a commission would trigger, "which you can begin to quantify. repairs and to determine to whom these repairs are paid or what form the payment takes. "

O & # 39; Rourke was in South Carolina for the Black Economic Alliance Presidential Forum. During the event, he unveiled a plan to generate economic opportunities in the amount of $ 500 billion for women and minorities. Its framework includes the goal of creating more than 200,000 new small businesses owned by women and minorities after eight years of eliminating sexism and racism in credit markets by injecting resources, with a focus on transparency and simplifying the tax code. He also proposed redirecting government contracts of $ 100 billion to small businesses rather than assigning them to large corporations.

The conversation about repairs resumed on Friday night when O'Rourke informed the citizens of the Gullah Geechee Nation, a community of slave descendents whose isolated coastal lifestyle has allowed them to preserve aspects of their African heritage at a round table in Beaufort, SC

"The answer is yes, we must repair this country from its founding peoples and kidnappers from West Africa, bringing them here into slavery to literally build the wealth of the United States," he said. he said, according to the Associated Press. "However, the path to follow must go through the learning and storytelling of this American story with everyone." Then, I think, we define what the repairs. "

The Jackson Lee measure, H.R. 40, will be the subject of a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee next Wednesday. This is the first time that legislation proposed by former representative John Conyers in 1989 will be taken into account.

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