Betsy DeVos unveils national legislation on school choice


SEducation Secretary Betsy DeVos today unveiled a scholarship proposal on Freedom of Education that supporters call it "bold and innovative."

"A good education should not be determined by chance, nor by the address or the income of the family … the biggest winners will be the forgotten children of the United States, who will finally have choices previously reserved to the rich, the powerful, and the well-connected people, "the secretary m said by unveiling the program this morning.

Advocates of educational choices, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Rep. Bradley Byrne, R-Ala., Plan to introduce this law in Congress, which will represent a $ 5 billion investment for American students.

The scholarship will be funded by charitable donations from donors, who, in turn, will receive a federal tax credit of one dollar to one dollar when they will contribute to charitable organizations. State non-profit.

Families who receive a scholarship can use it for elementary or secondary studies of their students, or for a student's career and technical education. The scholarship has the potential to expand access to advanced or elective courses, private schools, tutoring, summer programs, and more.

States must choose to participate, although neither of them is obliged to do so. This program is deliberately structured to maintain local control of schooling: the structure of the GSO, who is eligible, what is qualified as an education provider, and the cost of education is all determined by each state.

John Schilling, president of the American Federation of Children, said in a declaration that "there is no greater form of local control in education than giving families the power to choose the best educational option from kindergarten to grade 12 year for their children. The Freedom of Education Scholarship Bill is a major step forward in enabling families to have more choice in education and, ultimately, of greater economic benefit for students. "

Calling on lawmakers to speak across the street, Schilling concluded, "This legislation is an unprecedented opportunity for Republicans and Democrats to unite to support the expansion of family education opportunities. and American students. "

Kate Hardiman is an associate of Red Alert Politics. She is pursuing an MA in Education from Notre Dame University and teaches English and Religion at a high school in Chicago.

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