Beyonce and Jay-Z bow to Meghan Markle at the Brit Awards


Queen Bey pays homage to royalty.

Beyonce and Jay-Z won on Wednesday (Thursday NZ) the trophy of the best international band at the Brit Awards of the British music industry.

Although the Carters did not attend the show at London's O2 Arena, the husband and wife duo sent out a video message to accept their award in front of a portrait of none other than the Duchess of Sussex.

During their acceptance speech, the powerful couple recreated their icon A PARASITE music video, where they stood in front of Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum in Paris. However, the world famous work has been replaced by a painting of Meghan Markle draped with pearls and a crown.

Beyonce and Jay-Z make a statement with their acceptance speech for the Brit Awards.


Beyonce and Jay-Z make a statement with their acceptance speech for the Brit Awards.

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"Thank you very much to the Brit Awards for this incredible honor," Beyonce said in the video.

"You have always been so supportive, everything is love, thank you."

"You're welcome," Jay-Z replied before they both turned to admire the work of art.

The moment was too emblematic not to publish on Instagram. Beyonce shared her thank you speech and several other photos of the couple standing in front of Meghan's works to her 124 million followers.

"In honor of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanas Monas Congratulations on your pregnancy! We wish you a lot of joy," she said. written, which is a bit serious, because Beyonce seldom selects her messages.

Meghan's royal baby with Prince Harry is expected in the spring of the northern hemisphere.

Beyonce also evoked the memories she created at the Brit Awards.

"I won this award in 2002 with my best friends, Kelly and Michelle," she wrote about other Destiny's Child members. "How lucky I have been in a band with my other best friend, the GOAT Hova."

The tribute to Meghan has definitely ignited Twitter.

Tim O-Brien, the artist who painted the portrait, sent his "congratulations" to the Carters. "Interesting to see my painting of Megan Markle behind @Beyonce and JZ for their Brit Award," he added.

Other Twitter users claimed that the tribute given by Beyonce was a message of support to the new Duchess as a result of her unflattering portrayal in the British media.

"Wow, Beyonce and Jay-Z have not only made a video of acceptance, but have also done it in front of a portrait of Meghan Markle," tweeted music journalist Laura Snapes. "Very classy, ​​pointed support of a black woman treated repulsively by the British tabloids."

User Tobi Rachel nodded, "Listen, do you even understand how important the statement of Beyonce and Jay was?

"They snubbed the film but they have already filmed something so that the British can honor Meghan Markle as a sign of solidarity, as she faces the most egregious misogynist."

The @TheClassicManny user said that he was "1000 percent for that".

"I love the way Beyonce in particular is very aware of what is happening in the media and how she makes such subtle statements." They knew exactly what they were doing using Meghan Markle as Mona Lisa, "he added.

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