Biden seeks advice from social media leaders on how best to appeal to young voters


Biden's efforts to better understand the social media landscape come in the form of entities like Now. This had an impact on the medium-term goals of 2018.

The rising star Democratic O 'Rourke, one of the biggest beneficiaries of NowWhis, is also considering running for president. The video of his defense of NFL players kneeling at the national anthem to protest police brutality was distributed by NowThis. The clip garnered more than 44 million views on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

The moment has also attracted the attention of celebrities such as television host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres, who said in a follow-up tweet that she wished to meet with O & # Rourke. He appeared on his show in September.

While O 'Rourke eventually lost his bid to overthrow Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, he managed to get close to 2 percentage points after being upset by the red state. Texas has not had a Democratic senator since 1993.

Mr. O. Rourke has been an expert in social media, which has attracted many voters and donors en masse. He posted on his Twitter account videos of him jogging with fans and demonstrated his drumming skills on drums during a 45-minute livestream on Facebook.

His ability to connect with constituents via social media may well have spurred early voting, according to the Target Smart data collection company. The data reflect that in 2018, more than 670,000 Texans aged 18 to 29 voted early in the mid-term elections. In 2014, for comparison, 118,000 people voted in advance or voted by mail.

O & # 39; Rourke, according to a poll conducted by AP VoteCast, garnered 69% of the votes of people aged 18 to 29. He also dominated with voters aged 30 to 44, capturing 53% of his constituents. demographic age.

Biden's political circle has its own digital experience on which to support it mid-term. Its political action committee, American Opportunities, spent $ 297,000 on Internet advertising and just over $ 292,000 on administrative data technology, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics.

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