Bieber publishes a weird tweet and calls Tom Cruise


You will not believe it.

Justin Bieber Sunday challenged Tom Cruise in a fight against "the octagon" and seemed to try to provoke the comedian, claiming that if he did not accept, he would "never live lower."

The tweet became viral and fighter Conor McGregor announced that his company would organize the fight. McGregor also seemed to try his luck on a cruise and said the fight could only last if he was "man enough to accept this challenge".

The star of "Mission Impossible" did not comment on the articles, but it appeared that many social media thought that Cruise would easily send the singer of "Baby". Odds Shark, a source of online disability, said, "We do not like your chances, Justin." Bobby Nash, an MMA fighter called the singer, "You call a 56-year-old man, lol."

The cruise is 5'7 and weighs 170 pounds. He is famous for most of his stunts and for his enviable physique. He seems ready and willing to fight on the screen and often does so by falling off a plane.

Bieber would have two inches on Cruise but weighs 145.5 pounds, according to reports.


"I would love to see this exhibition," said Diego Sanchez, an MMA fighter.


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