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"Big Little Lies": Alexander Skarsgard on Perry's role in Season 2

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Big little lies have come back for a second season in order to deepen the characters and, as the first two episodes show, this includes Perry Wright of Alexander Skarsgard.

"Perry's story is even richer in the second season," the actor recently said The Hollywood Reporter. "You understand his relationship with his mother and what he experienced when he was a child, and that explains a little more about how he ended up in this very dark place and with these violent characteristics." "

Celeste Wright's violent husband (Nicole Kidman) was revealed to be the rapist of Jane Chapman (Shailene Woodley) during the season 1 finale, where he was pushed to death by Bonnie Carlson (Zoe Kravitz) . The Monterey Five – who also include Madeline Martha Mackenzie (Reese Witherspoon) and Renata Klein (Laura Dern) – told the police that Perry had slipped, and that the lie was binding and threatening them in the second season.

The creator and executive producer, David E. Kelley, said this season would show the "difficult" path of healing, especially with regards to Celeste. The widow struggles with the complicated feelings she has towards Perry, a man who has abused her but whom she loves. Spectators witness new scenes from Perry as Celeste remembers the memories – good and bad – of his nightmares and his daydreams. Skarsgard returned for the second season filming the flashbacks of his past.

"He was great because he had just completely abandoned what was needed for the role," Kidman said at a recent panel at The Wing SoHo about Skarsgard's dedication to playing Perry. . "It was a detailed, very, very complicated relationship between these two people where there was love, violence, shame, denial, betrayal – there were so many different emotions and was ready to go with me, interim partner, and then he came back for season 2. He did not give up on us, he said, "I will do everything necessary to make this show a second season. "And it's fantastic."

Skarsgard sees this role as one of the greatest experiences of his career. That is why he says he jumped on the opportunity to help and come back for the second season. "What an amazing opportunity to work on such a deep and complex character, surrounded by the best Hollywood actors – not just amazing actors, but extraordinary people," said Skarsgard, who spoke THR the Big little lies First in New York. "It's such a great band, the first season was intense, it was difficult, but doing it with people you really love is really rewarding."

Flashbacks include good and bad memories. When she talks to her therapist (Robin Weigert), Celeste is asked to re-examine the cases of abuse in her mind. In one scene, Madeline de Witherspoon replaces Celeste when the therapist asks Celeste, who attaches herself to her bruises, to imagine what she would feel if she were a friend of hers. other side of the abuse.

"It's a continuation of Season 1 where you see the complexity of the relationship," says Skarsgard of Celeste-Perry's new excerpt. "You must also feel that when he's dead and when she has to leave, it's not like," Oh, well, the bad guy's gone. I am great and I keep moving forward in my life. "Of course, he lacks memories and aspects of his personality, which creates guilt, because it lacks some one that you should not miss.You should be relieved of a guy who has you tormented and wanting to move on – a depth and complexity that I think is quite fun to play. "

Another flashback shows the origins of their relationship and a glimpse of Perry's dominant nature, while scratching the surface of his childhood. During one of their first dates, they confide in each other about their families: Perry's brother, Raymond, died at the age of 5 and Celeste is the only daughter, her mother is dead and she is separated from her father. "I do not want to be presumptuous, but if it works, I'll have you all for me," he says.

The addition of Perry's mother to Monterey, Calif., Is another way to preserve Perry's lifeline. Mary Louise Wright (interpreted by newcomer Meryl Streep) does not trust the story that women have told and she continues to ask the Monterey Five for answers about her son's death, while snooping into life of his daughter-in-law.

When she discovers that Perry raped Jane and is the father of Ziggy (Iain Armitage), Mary Louise refuses to believe that her son was capable and says that she goes to the police. "You left things, do not you?" she tells Celeste. "The fact that he had another child, you left him.You had planned to move, you rented an apartment, you left it.You had the intention to leave him the very evening of his death, you left him. " that you learned his infidelity just 10 seconds before falling down a staircase leading to death. Oh, you left that too. "

Until Mary Louise will she push the truth that she desires so much?

"Liana [Moriarty], who wrote the novel, and David [E. Kelley], who wrote the screenplay, proposed something really interesting and creative with this drama of dropping her in the mix, "says Skarsgard of Mary Louise, who plans to stay in Monterey and look for her own place. The others in on, obviously. But Mary Louise does not really buy their story in the same way as the cops and starts asking questions. And she is still part of the family. She is the grandmother of Celeste's children and lives at home with them. The accumulation of this tension is magnificent. "

The second season of Big little lies Sundays at 9pm on HBO. Head here for THRthe cover of.

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