Big Mouth Billy Bass compatible Amazon Alexa is available for pre-order

The must-have gadget of the holiday season has finally arrived, the latest in financial technology: an Alexa-compatible Big Mouth Billy Bass, now available for pre-order at $ 40.

This gadget has been a long time coming. A developer, Brian Kane, had the idea to hack a Billy Bass to connect to the API of Alexa in 2016. Before, in 2017, the manufacturers of this fish-shaped ornament had announced that they would concretize the idea of ​​Kane. More than a year later, the product is available for pre-order with the official "Alexa Gadget" certification.

Unfortunately, you will need to connect Alexa-compatible Billy Bass to an existing Echo device for it to work. But once connected, you can use it for all the usual tasks, including setting timers, answering basic queries and playing music.

"This is not your father's big mouth Billy Bass," said Steve Harris, vice president of product development at Gemmy Industries, the company that makes the big mouth Billy Bass, in a press release read by Internal business.

Well, it is and it is not. She may be compatible with Alexa, but her appearance has not changed since her first sale in 1999. At the time, she quickly became an icon of pop culture, with songs like "Don" t Worry, Be Happy "by Bobby McFerrin and" Take me to the river "by Al Green. He appeared in television shows as The simpsons and The Sopranos, and he charmed his way into the homes of the great and good, from George W. Bush to Queen Elizabeth.

Now you can relive those days of glory, if you wish. Kitsch never dies.

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