Big Sean and Ariana Grande spotted together outside the studio


Big Sean and Ariana Grande were seen together by intrusive paparazzi in front of a recording studio in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

It's basically all there is in this story, which of course comes from TMZ and The room of the shadowbut I keep it away from the subject. Great would have started working at the studio, then Sean would have arrived later. Outside the studio, Sean would have been introduced to one of Grande's dogs before the two left together, which is perfectly fine and does not concern anyone.

If you are missing your knowledge of encyclopedic pop culture, know that Sean and Grande, in addition to collaborating on a number of songs, date back to 2014-15. In the video of the title song of his excellent new album Thank you U, Next, a Naughty girlsThis sequence includes a note on a picture of Sean in which it is declared that he "could still get it".

Thank you U, Next is still hanging in the top spot on the Billboard 200 charts ahead of two Oscar winners and what's called a Florida Georgia Line. The album, a quick sequel to the Grammy Awards of last year Sweetener, also received wide critical support.

Sean, meanwhile, made his last solo studio album in 2017. This album, certified platinum I decided, followed in a few months by the Metro Boomin collaboration project Double or Nothing. His tour 2018 Unfriendly Reminder Tour has been canceled. Sean then suggested that depression and anxiety were factors contributing to this decision.

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