Biggest mistake you can make after getting vaccinated, experts warn

The release of two effective coronavirus vaccines has given medical experts hope that an end to the pandemic is finally within reach. And despite a slow rollout, a recent policy overhaul by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – along with the likely approval of two more vaccines – has been very hopeful that the spread of COVID will begin to slow to as more doses are administered. But despite the progress, experts are still warning the public not to assume that the vaccine solves all of our problems. According to public health officials, the biggest mistake you can make after receiving your COVID vaccine is to return immediately and socialize as usual.

While vaccines will ultimately help bring coronavirus outbreaks under control, health officials warn that immediately returning to social activities after inoculation can be a risky decision, The Guardian reports. “We are really worried that people will feel that the second they receive this vaccination, they are ready to go.” David Halpern, Told the UK Parliament, PhD, Chairman of the UK Government’s Behavioral Insights Team. “People feel, as soon as they receive this vaccination: ‘Fantastic, I will be able to go out’.” Read on to find out why this type of behavior could put you and others at risk, and for more on how you can better protect yourself, see CDC Warns Against Using These 6 Masks .

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