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Bill Cosby blamed for taking part in Father's Day

CBill Cosby, an omedian, wished participants a Happy Father's Day and was reprimanded for what some described as lack of awareness one year after being convicted of sexual assault.

"Hey, Hey, Hey … He's the father of America … I know it's late, but to all dads … it's an honor To be called Father, let us today renew our oath to achieve our goal … to strengthen our families and communities, "said Cosby Sunday on Twitter.

Cosby posted in his post an old video of himself speaking about slavery and racism.

Cosby, 81, convicted of three counts of sexual assault in April 2018, was not well received on Twitter, many emphasizing the irony of encouraging family values ​​while being a rapist convicted.

Cosby was convicted of sexual assault after being accused of drugging and assaulting a woman at his Pennsylvania home in 2004.

The trial was the first celebrity trial since the start of the # MeToo movement in 2017.

Cosby was known as "the father of America" ​​before his fall.

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