Bill Gates calls himself a "minor sorcerer", Steve Jobs "a ** hole"

Apple's Steve Jobs has always been accused of creating a distortion field of reality that has driven consumers into his vision of technology and has hidden the flaws of his products long enough for him to correct them.

It seems instead of foreign technology former Microsoft CEO and Apple's rival felt that the secret was rather more magical. Speaking to CNN Gates, Steve Jobs said Steve Jobs used his magical powers to take a company "on the road to death" and make it the most valuable in the world – in part by "casting spells".

He cited NeXT computers, a failed Jobs company bought by Apple in 1996, as an example of Jobs hypnotizing people with a mediocre product and even succeeding when it failed.

He said that NeXT "has completely failed, it was such nonsense, and yet he hypnotized these people."

In a somewhat crazy comment, Gates, however, said he was immune to Steve's powers, as he was himself a "minor wizard."

"I was like a minor wizard because he would cast spells and I would see people hypnotized, but since I'm a minor wizard, spells do not work on me," Gates said.

However, he attributed some of Jobs's success to real managerial talent.

"I have not yet met anyone who" can compete with Jobs "in terms of talent selection, hyper-motivation of that talent and sense of design:" Oh, that's good . This is not good, & # 39; "

However, he warned people against blindly following the example of Jobs.

He sometimes referred to Job as an "asshole" and said it was easy for executives to "mimic Steve's bad side," but he noted that Jobs "was bringing incredibly positive things with this. hardness".

Steve Jobs, for example, is known for not recognizing his illegitimate daughter or giving much to charity and dismissing people as he sees fit.

Speaking of his early days at Microsoft, he said they were "a group of self-selected and mostly male people, I'll admit it, and yes, we've been pretty tough on each other. And I think sometimes it's been too far. "

Now retired, he said that he was a little softened, but that he still tended to micromanage even his charity work.

"I'm always aware," Hey, this toilet design is too expensive. It's a dead end. We will not invest more money in this project, "said Gates.


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