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Bill Gates lists 10 leading technologies for 2019 OnMSFT.com

As a constant researcher of innovations to optimize his philanthropic activities, former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates retains a rather interesting list of less conventional technologies that he sees as breakthroughs.

In a technology review by MIT, Gates provides a list of 10 leading-edge technologies that are expected to address the "significant challenges" of 2019.
Gates "lights up so well that an observatory of technologies developed but much less aware of the public than other more traditional and immediately consumable innovations.

  1. Robot Dexterity: Robot hands can learn to manipulate unknown objects themselves
  2. New wave nuclear power: fission and fusion reactor design that can help reduce carbon emissions
  3. Predicting the premature: a simple blood test to prevent premature birth, potentially saving the lives of many children
  4. Intestinal Probe in a pill: a swallowable device that can image the digestive tract and even perform biopsies
  5. Personalized anti-cancer vaccines: a treatment that uses the body's immune system to target only tumor cells
  6. The cow-free hamburger: herbal and laboratory-based meat substitutes that can significantly reduce emissions from the food industry
  7. Carbon dioxide sensor: techniques to absorb CO2 in the air and hold it back, which could ultimately become economical
  8. A wrist ECG: the possibility for people with heart problems to constantly monitor their health status and to receive an early warning of a problem
  9. Sewerless sanitation: self-contained toilets that can fight diseases and unhealthy living conditions in most developing countries
  10. Artificial Intelligence Assistants: New Advances in Natural Language Processing That Make Digital Assistants Capable of Greater Autonomy

Despite the listing nature of Gates' article in the MIT Review, it has no empirical value for one innovation over another, and the numbers associated with each innovation do not indicate significance. It seems that Gates invites readers to draw their own conclusions about the innovations that benefit the life or the man of every day.

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