Billie Eilish broadcasts vibrations in horror films with Coachella

Billie Eilish Coachella
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Our scary queen Billie Eilish made of her Coachella debuted last night with a set that stunned and shocked the crowd. While Eilish was apparently with 33 minutes late on the start of his set, fans quickly forgave him, as his performance was not only up to par, but exceeded expectations.

Whether you're attending Coachella or attending the festivities at home with your own Couchella, all eyes were on Eilish on Saturday night.

She started with a set of 13 songs that included the live debut of several tracks from her latest album, When we all fall asleep, where are we going?

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As if we were still expecting less from him, Eilish moved the shock and wonder among the Coachella crowd with a performance that can only be described as a beautiful nightmare.

Eilish interpreted "naughty," "my strange addiction," "all good girls go to hell" and "ilomilo" for the first time during her debut at Coachella.

You can check out the complete setlist of 13 songs below!


"Naughty" (live debut)
"My strange addiction" (live debut)
"You should see me in a crown"
"Watch / & burn" (with Vince Staples)
"Wish you're gay"
"All good girls go to hell" (Premiere Live)
"Ilomilo" (live debut)
"Bury a friend"
"Stomach ache"
"When the party is over"
"Ocean Eyes"

And can we please talk about his incredibly wonderful performance "Burying a friend"?

Check out more pictures of her amazing set below.

The reactions of his set were almost as big as his performance.

Did you attend the performance of Eilish & # 39; s Coachella? Sound off in the comments below!

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