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Long before she reached the stage with a half-hour late for her debut at Coachella on the open-air theater stage on Saturday night, Billie Eilish had been one of the most successful artists. expected from this year's edition: the 17-year-old tops album sales chart last week with its debut "When are we all sleeping where are we going?", beating all the records and cementing the status of the young singer as a true rising star. The album – a dark and sullen mix of austere pop driven by a synth – is already a year-round album. Rumors about what it would bring to the Coachella phase were common, especially for many young fans who have not yet had the chance to see Eilish in concert during his rapid rise to star status.

So this delay – clearly caused by production problems, as well-engineered machinists were demanding to test pneumatic and keyboards – brought the frenzy to a climax that Eilish finally delivered most of the time. Supported only by her brother / collaborator Finneas O'Connell, an instrument drummer and drummer, Eilish was a confident and dynamic performer, even when it was obvious that she was slowing down from time to time, she was overwhelmed by the opportunity huge. "I do not deserve that," she said at one point, visibly amazed by the large number of people in front of her.

The production was relatively hard – giant screens, visual effects, fractal projections on the floor – with the exception of a troupe of dancers in a breathtaking choreography on a song, and Eilish herself playing on a bed that hung on the stage the nail "Bury a friend", his character threatening as the girl in "The Ring", while the bed was turning to the public. A collaboration with rapper Vince Staples on "Watch / & Burn" was a bust: his microphone was inadvertently cut off throughout the duration of the song. At the end of the set, for "COPYCAT", Eilish had the crowd in his little palms, which made everyone rained down to the rhythm of the song. It's an old stratagem – but, like most Eilish performances, a performance she delivered.

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