Billie Eilish throws herself on Ariana Grande by calling him "king"


Billie Eilish had nothing but kind words for Ariana Grande on the ASCAP Pop Music Awards red carpet on Thursday, May 16th.

"Ariana is a king of shit! Like a king" Eilish tells Entertainment Tonight. "She's so … God, dude, and what she's endured.I do not know if I have any respect for someone like I have her for her, honestly."

Eilish has already spoken of Grande in several interviews about her admiration for her and her music. The duo then was found behind the scenes of Coachella with Eilish and Grande performing during the festival.

The pair is even still texting. Eilish continues, "You can just say that she knows what she's doing, and even if she does not realize it, she knows what she's doing. is really impressive, "she explains. "She's doing it so well, it's so impressive."

Eilish was honored at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards 2019 alongside her brother and collaborator, Finneas O. Connell, for the Vanguard Award. The award was even presented by the legendary actor, Julia Roberts.

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