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BioWare Announces Some Fixes for Anthem's Broken Loot System

Amid growing frustration with AnthemBioWare has announced a handful of changes to make it less exhausting. They do not deal with all the complaints of the players, but it's a start.

The update, which should be online in one or two days, will do three main things. First, current and unusual equipment will no longer be abandoned after end-of-game activities, which will put an end to the all-too-common pain of seeing what looks like a gold masterpiece in a pile of loot. reveals to be a white object deformed by lighting. effects. Secondly, the resources needed to craft masterpiece items from plans will be reduced from 25 to 15 embers. Finally, random statistics Anthem registrations, will now benefit from more specific advantages to the equipment they wear.

"Many entries are not useful for the purpose they are attached to," wrote Ben Irving, the game's lead producer, on the site. Anthem subreddit last night. "For this reason, players must have multiple masterpieces of the same article to find one" good. The players want the frequency of masterpiece declines to increase to help with the OR above … They want us to change the workings of masterpiece registrations so that they are more "helpful." "

BioWare decided to adopt this last approach. Rather than increase the number of falls of masterpieces and legendary items as some have requested, the studio has decided to improve the statistical inscriptions on individual falls so that players do not feel there is no need to continue to furnish others.

This means better average listings for each masterpiece and more unnecessary listings that do not apply to the objects on which they are wrapped. The way registrations work is that they are generated randomly and can belong to one of two categories: those whose effects apply to all javelin and those whose effects apply only to the object on which they are printed.

Currently, it is possible to grind for hours, get a new assault rifle, and then have one of the four markings on that assault rifle, looking like "a submachinegun deals 9% more damage." With a gear icon showing that the bonus applies only to the pistol and not to the entire javelin, which makes it totally useless (as it is not a submachine gun). Even when statistical bonuses are not object-specific, there can still be problems. Colossus Javelin, for example, can not even equip machine guns, but the rest of his equipment can still be filled with gun recordings.

In the future, registrations will not be as random. If an entry is specific to an item, it will always benefit directly from that item, for example an assault rifle bearing an inscription granting 12% more ammo to the assault rifles. If the inscription applies to the entire javelin, it will directly increase the damage inflicted or the survival. Since we still have not seen the new system in practice, it is too early to tell if this will completely correct the listings. One of the other current problems is that there is no way to know which is the best version of a particular listing. Thus, when players rebroadcast their equipment to get better, they have no idea what they are looking for. This update will not solve this problem.

It will not solve either of the other problems of AnthemLoot, namely that the rewards at the end of the game do not match the difficulty of the missions they give up. Tyrant Mine is the easiest of the three fortress missions currently in the game. Players therefore continue to run it again and again, a recipe for boredom. In addition, performing missions on higher grandmaster issues does not seem to significantly increase the drop rate, leaving some players feeling they are not worth it. "Looking at that," Irving replied when a stakeholder from the sub-party asked about this particular problem. "Understand the space of the problem for sure."

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