BioWare held a meeting with staff to discuss internal and external issues.

Probably due to the new public internal issues related to the publication of Bioware, the development studio held a meeting with his staff.

Bioware has not ignited the world in recent years with its latest releases. Mass Effect Andromeda published to mixed reviews and the Internet was complete video animations of strange characters of the game. Anthem has been criticized because of its repetitive design and has certainly not lived up to the hype. We never knew exactly what was going on internally until Jason Schreier of Kotaku told a huge story illustrating a lot of the problems that Bioware went through. Now, it seems that the development studio is trying to solve their problems.

Jason Schreier tweeted that Bioware had had a meeting with the staff to discuss the recent issues they were facing internally and what Kotaku said in his story. He also noted that some Bioware employees with whom he has been monitoring are optimistic about the changes; while others are much more skeptical. You can see the tweet below.

Let's hope that Bioware and its staff can solve the multitude of problems they have faced. At its peak, the development studio was widely recognized as one of the leaders in the video game industry, producing masterpieces such as Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic and the original Mass Effect series. Of course, create a brand new intellectual property in Anthem This is incredibly difficult work, but I believe that the general morale of the staff has a considerable effect on the game developed. If your staff is not happy and spends too much time repairing the bugs caused by the Frostbite engine, the overall product will probably not be great.

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