BioWare shares huge update notes from Anthem for the first day

Many bug fixes

Anthem is a day of the "official" launch (despite the fact that Origin Access distributes the full game since Friday) and that we already have our epic patch notes of the first day.

The load times are a huge complaint of almost everyone without PC SSD, which are addressed in the fix. Do not sleep on the BioWare / EA dunk low key noting "decreased load times for old disk drives"- I mean, I bought a SSD drive years ago, but I use it in the same way that people should have one / the standard is out of reach.

The other big note is a fix for the Tomb Quest series, which bug some people. In short, you have to face a handful of challenges to progress in the main quest series and, in some cases, people realize that they are not credited retroactively. Now, people should have most of the challenges completed before they have received all the tasks.

Another big change concerns the final bosses, who remove a clearly visible loot in what was previously considered an oversight by the base of players. The problem is that these bosses dropped loot, but only after the mission ended, leaving some to believe that only the first two-thirds of a dungeon deserved to be completed, and that they left after reaching the second chest. Now that the rewards are clearer, players should be able to finish the dungeon and get a full credit.

Almost everything in the notes below involves a bug fix, and the list goes on. With regard to balance, things go wrong: some of the enemy's health values ​​have been reduced and, for the most part, selected weapons / capabilities have been improved.

Update notes of the first day [Anthem]

High level corrections

  • Reduced load times for older disk drives
  • Fixed many infinite loading screens
  • Fixed several issues that did not follow correctly
  • A number of issues that caused the disconnection or blocking of players have been resolved.
  • Weapons and gear now have numbers for modifiers

General fixes and improvements

  • Booty discovery and shipping summary are now correctly read in the end of shipment screen.
  • The mechanic of the rally party was made lenient in a number of situations
  • At the end of the expedition, players will no longer be stuck on "Record Victories" or "Jump All".
  • The game no longer hangs in the Javelin menu when unlocking the second, third or fourth javelin
  • During the "What do freelancers do" mission after killing Junkmaw and liberating arcanists, you can not progress anymore, this has been corrected
  • Challenges are now unlocked for players at the appropriate levels
  • Fixed some camera issues during cutscenes
  • Legendary Contracts Can Now Be Accepted From Social Hub Contract
  • The shield value of some enemies has been reduced
  • The loot now falls correctly for the players who are slaughtered
  • The quality of the texture on the Prospero NPC has been improved
  • The last boss of the fortresses now leaves the loot instead of being displayed at the end of the expedition screen.
  • Fixed delays on echoes and relics to avoid problems and manage disconnections properly
  • Players can no longer fall through the ground during the 3rd try in the dawn fortress
  • Finish the expedition of the tutorial will now show the good appearance of the Rangers
  • After the disconnect, join an expedition will bring you back into a team if you were in a previous
  • Fixed a problem preventing players from interacting in the launch pad in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a problem during the "bad business" of the mission, where outlaws did not breed, blocking progress
  • The start screen of shipping has been improved
  • Resolving various situations in which killing enemies does not advance world events.
  • The opening of a trunk now increases the Legion's progress for all present team members
  • Snipers can no longer shoot through Storm Shield
  • Fixed a problem that was blocking players at the end of the shipping screen in certain situations
  • Players will no longer be disconnected if they join the "Find old friends" mission during the course of the cutscene
  • Resolution of a number of situations in which players may remain stuck on the environment in the launch pad
  • Increased damage from the electrical state effect
  • Fixed a problem where the dawn shield could be made with fewer materials than expected in certain situations
  • The feat of the platinum mission now allows to finish as planned
  • Status effects can be applied more reliably to Titans
  • Fixed loading animations on snipers
  • Players can now access the Forge Chest
  • Swimming in a submerged jellyfish leaves no visual effect on the players.
  • Inactive animations will no longer be synchronized over time in the launch bay
  • Haluk is no longer dual-use of the epilogue scene
  • Fixed a problem preventing players from interacting in the launch pad in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a problem that could prevent the launch bay players from having identical emotes and not using them
  • Interceptor melee ability animations no longer stretch in some situations
  • Fixed an issue where the default appearance of Rangers does not show up in blacksmithing in some situations.
  • All animations now play as expected in the Forge
  • Players can now enter the grave of Gwanes at a party
  • The default javelin wear status went from "dirty" to "old"
  • The text of Sentinel Loyalty 2 no longer incorrectly indicates that it will lead to a larger safe.
  • Properly recovering ground ammo now allows you to recover 30% of that ammo from the current magazine and from the maximum amount of ammo available.
  • Fixed a bug where some global sign-up bonuses (Javelin Icon) were not correctly applied to Javelin and other gear / weapons.
  • Fixed some issues that could cause Armor Pip to count down on the UI and prevent it from being displayed.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Stronghold server crash after the last boss's defeat
  • Temple of Scar – Players can no longer get stuck in the mined tunnel of the Explosives Room
  • Temple of Scar – A wall of fog can no longer prevent players from entering the explosives room
  • Fix the Tyrant Mine so that people who join the current fortress do not stay locked away from their team
  • Adjusted lighting in the underwater section of the Tyrant mine for easy navigation to the exit
  • The Tyrant Swarm will no longer get stuck in the side entrances of the cave in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue where players appeared in different areas of the Tyrant Mine in certain situations
  • Implementing more backups to prevent players from becoming AFK in Strongholds


  • Only Masterwork objects can now be used to meet the challenges of Masterwork as expected.
  • Fixed a problem where some challenges follow progress simultaneously rather than gradually, as expected. (eg Blast Missile I then Blast Missile II instead of increasing both at the same time)

Equipment and weapons

  • After the first driver unlocks the sequel after the tutorials, create a new driver and go to the forge no longer causes the blocking of the loading screen
  • Ice damage bonuses are now correctly applied on ice gear
  • Registration bonuses from the entire costume now work properly
  • Players can no longer retrieve the equipped items
  • Javelin-specific weapons and / or weapons can no longer be used on javelins for which they are not intended
  • Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, the Masterwork components do not have any registration.
  • The Automatic Masterwork Automatic Endless Transmission displays no more 0% damage increase in its tooltip.
  • The weapon-specific ammo bonuses to the entire suit from infusions are now correctly applied
  • A network error message no longer appears when opening an article vault in the second tutorial
  • The Colosses shoulder suit will now share the look of the rest of the javelin as expected
  • Deadeye increased his reserve ammunition 10 -> 20
  • Cloud damage increased damage by 16.3 -> 21
  • Increased Torrent Damage 22.2 -> 28.6
  • The Lightning Strike preview will now accurately indicate that the explosion is projected on the ground.
  • (Ranger) Damage to the infernal grenade base 130 -> 175
  • (Interceptor) Cryo Sword Basic Damage 20 -> 50
  • (Storm) Living Flame Base Damage 50 -> 60
  • (Storm) Base Glacial Degradation 150 -> 120
  • (Storm) Arc Burst secondary damage 100 -> 150
  • (Ranger) Base Blast Damage – 225 -> 300, now dealing additional damage to shields (which previously caused additional armor damage).
  • (Ranger) Blast missiles now properly increase damage as the level of the item increases
  • (Interceptor) Melee attacks now have a slight resistance penetration.
  • Large area effect capabilities will better record multi-kill activities for challenges and medals
  • The Spark Dash feature has been significantly improved when the target enemy is at a different height (above / below) of the interceptor.
  • Several pieces of equipment missing primer or detonator icons have been fixed.
    • Interceptor
      • Storm Strike – Detonator Icon
      • Spark Dash icon – Detonator
      • Venom Spray – Primer Icon
      • Detonating Strike – Primer Icon
    • Colossus
      • Lightning Icon – Detonator
      • Shock Icon – Primer
      • Flamethrower – Primer icon
  • Several improvements have been made to ensure that the use of PC gears gives priority to rotating the javelin at the reticle when used rather than projecting the current direction of the javelin.


  • The Colossus javelin can now activate his shield faster after using an ability or firing with a weapon.
  • The javelin of the storm reacts now when his shields are raised.
  • Fixed a feat that allowed the Storm's ultimate attack to be used more than once
  • The Colossus exo can now both protect and relive
  • Interceptor Combo Aura has been increased in power and now has a damage component over time
  • Rangers melee now has a cooldown when it hits in the air
  • Target Beacon ability now correctly seeks targets
  • Spark Dash and Venom Spray now target based on the player's slider instead of the character in front. This should also improve the ride of Spark Dash.
  • The colossus will no longer be stunned from the sky in certain situations when the attack was blocked by his shield

Combos + Status Effects

  • The combo indicator icons located above the creatures are now correctly removed when they explode.
  • When a storm detonates an electrical status effect, the chained electrical effect now deals the damage correctly.
  • The combined damage now enters the resistors


  • Non-Masterwork materials purchased at the craft store now display their appropriate rarity instead of being incorrectly displayed as Masterwork.
  • A number of javelin components with different icons for their recipes and the actual items are now identical.
  • The Battle Cry gear recipe now has the correct description
  • Correction of the incorrect description of a Spark Beam equipment during its manufacture
  • The craft recipes are now sorted alphabetically
  • The objects of the craft store are now sorted by type to be clearer.


  • Additional improvements to mouse and keyboard control have been made


  • Some conversations did not show reputation points after the end of the conversation, this issue has been resolved
  • The team screen now displays the correct information for each player.
  • Fixed a number of issues preventing captions from getting stuck on the screen after the dialogue ended
  • Settings should not be reset when you exit and restart the game on Xbox One
  • Motion blur can now be disabled properly
  • The electrical status effect now correctly shows the damage
  • An option has been added to hide the HUD from the group members.
  • The edge of the compass will flash to indicate the location of the enemies
  • A notification has been added to Fort Tarsis if a player's safe is up to 250 items.
  • At the "Repair Rider" step of "A Call for Help", the search radar has been set to properly direct the player to the 4 tools.
  • Primer and detonator icons have been added to all Interceptor gears
  • Fixed a UI problem in which the ultimate value of a player was indicated as available when it was unavailable.
  • Toggle the HDR option now correctly prompts the Apply Changes button
  • Players' banners must now display properly
  • The camera shake slider has been added to the settings menu
  • Players can now follow 10 challenges instead of 5
  • An option to adjust the display limits on the consoles has been added
  • Changing the banner of a player via the banner menu now correctly records the selection
  • Health, cooldowns and keyboard shortcuts now illuminate on supported keyboards
  • Players will now receive a clearer message when a team is disbanded or expelled from a team.
  • Team leaders will no longer be ready
  • The failed player icon will no longer appear in the cutscenes
  • Cypher annotations will now appear for more than one player when they are watching it simultaneously.
  • Suppressing respawn mentions on the player's UI when they die in a restricted spawn area
  • The player's banner is now updated immediately after the update from the team's screen.
  • Fixed a number of situations in which a drop-down list is triggered without any floating text being displayed
  • Pressing Esc to switch a notification screen no longer opens the game menu.
  • Quick chat messages will no longer appear from an ignored player
  • Deleting a message from the mailbox incorrectly stating that messages will be deleted after 3 days
  • A number of registration icons have been updated to correctly indicate whether they are javelin specific or not.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from changing the names of users on their PCs.
  • Players no longer need to leave and re-enter the forge so that tank names are updated
  • The VOIP indicator on the screen that shows that a talking player will no longer be active if this player is muted

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