Birmingham v Aston Villa: Jack Grealish hit by rival during match


Jack Grealish was hit by a Birmingham fan in St Andrew's (Photo: Reuters)

West Midlands police confirmed that a man had been arrested after Jack Grealish was hit in the first half of Birmingham's 1-0 loss to Aston Villa.

The Championship match was always going to be a fiery meeting and the shameful behavior of a Birmingham fan spoiled the 128th meeting between the two rival teams.

Midfielder Villa Grealish, born and raised in Birmingham, nearly scored goals in the ninth minute and was touched by the St Andrew crowd in the moments before the shocking incident.

The Birmingham fan in question jumped over the palisades before hitting Grealish's head from behind.

Tammy Abraham and several Villa players jumped to protect Grealish and the supporter was taken away by a steward.

The fan gave kisses in the direction of Birmingham's home support as he was guided off the field.

Grealish seemed shaken, but continued to play and had the last word in the 67th minute.

Birmingham gave Grealish acres on the edge of the box and the Villa Villa star made a pass by Lee Camp to get out of the stalemate.

Referee Tim Robinson booked Grealish after the midfielder jumped over the palisades to celebrate with Villa's absent supporters.

West Midlands police confirmed that she had made an arrest following the Grealish attack on St Andrew's.

"ARREST: As a result of the incident on the ground involving an attack against Aston Villa player," said a statement.

"A man has been arrested and is heading to a detention center. More details to follow. "

Grealish played for the rest of the first half (photo: ProSports / REX)
The fan made kisses while he was being taken away (Photo: ProSports / REX)

The EFL condemned the "insane actions" of the fan who invaded the ground to hit Grealish.

"The EFL condemns the insane actions of the individual who encroached on St Andrew's grounds Sunday afternoon.

"This is a situation that no player should be confronted with.

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"In all circumstances, the playing area is for players and not supporters, and those who play must be able to do so safely, knowing that they will not be subject to this type of behavior.

"Although this incident is within the competence of the Football Association, we will work with all parties concerned to resolve the problem of the safety of players and referees in the field and to ensure that appropriate action is taken."

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