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Black employee sues Boeing after finding a noose in the office

A black Boeing employee filed a lawsuit against the company alleging racial discrimination after stating that he found a slipknot over his desk, where he claimed that his white colleagues had repeatedly urinated.

In the complaint filed on June 7, Curtis Anthony, quality inspector at the Boeing Plant in North Charleston, South Carolina, alleges that unidentified white workers have used the N word word daily and repeatedly urinated from 2017. He also said that racial posters had been hung at his workstation, displaying the racial epithet.

Anthony, 57, a quality inspector with the aircraft builder since 2011, immediately reported the alleged harassment to his officers. His lawyer, Donald Gist, told NBC News on Monday that Boeing had responded by replacing his desk and chair.

Anthony took sick leave in September 2017 under the Family and Medical Leave Act and asked to be treated for the stress he had caused. He added that he continues to receive medical attention for the stress related to harassment.

The prosecution claims that after returning to work in January 2018, it was ruled out promotions for "less skilled white workers".

According to the lawsuit, Anthony's colleagues placed a noose over his desk in March in "an act of extreme racial violence intended to intentionally inflict emotional distress." he learned about reading reports in the news.

Anthony said that in recent months, after complaining of the alleged harassment, he had suffered retaliation by being transferred to a building without an air conditioning system.

A spokesman for the company told NBC News Monday that while Anthony is "a valuable Boeing teammate in South Carolina," his claims are invalid.

His requests for authorization under the terms of the FMLA "have been systematically and repeatedly approved by the company, and this quickly," said the spokesman.

"In addition, most of Mr. Anthony's allegations were never brought to the attention of management, which gave the company no opportunity to investigate these charges," said the spokesman. . "The only question he raised was dealt with quickly and fairly."

Anthony's attorney challenged Boeing's response.

"How can you say that you are not aware of the complaints and then you buy him a new desk and a new chair," Gist said. "They contradict each other totally."

Anthony claims compensatory and punitive damages, including legal fees and other legal costs.

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