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"Black Mirror" returns with one of its strongest seasons – TechCrunch

Less than six months after the release of the disappointing "Bandersnatch" interactive experience, Netflix's series of science fiction anthologies "Black Mirror" is back with three episodes structured in a traditional way.

In the final installment of the original content podcast, we express our thoughts on the new season. We did not quite agree on the strongest episodes, but we agreed that there was not really a failure in the pack.

Darrell and Jordan were very impressed with the opening of the season, "Striking Vipers" – which uses a VR fighting game as a starting point for a thorny exploration of sexuality and friendship – while Anthony preferred "Smithereens", in which the driver with style app takes a trainee hostage to social media. And we also had a good time with "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too," who stars Miley Cyrus as a pop star who is sold as a friendly AI assistant.

All new episodes do not end well, but in general, the mood of the series for gloom seems to have risen (or perhaps it was simply channeled into "Bandersnatch"), thus leaving room to a more emotional complexity. If we had complaints, they had more to do with the relatively short duration of the season and with our skepticism about some of the series' technologies in the future.

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And if you want to go ahead, here's how the episode breaks down:

0:00 Intro
Review without a 1/33 "Black Mirror spoiler
31:00 Discussion of spoiler

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