Blackmagic's free video editing app allows YouTubers to reduce their processing time

You can perform most basic tasks in cutting, including importing, trimming, adding fades, creating titles, mixing audio and color matching , from one socket to the other. The new application also offers a feature called "source tape" borrowed from the time of the analog edition. Rather than sifting through dozens of clips in a trash, you can click the source tape button and see everything as a single long stripe. "It's easy to browse all the photos, find the parts [you] want to change them quickly in the timeline, "said the company in a press release.

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<p>Just like Adobe with its Sensei artificial intelligence system, Blackmagic has introduced the "DaVinci Neural Engine" into its editing application. It now optimizes DaVinci's speed reduction motion registration, offers better scaling of footage, while automatically matching colors and colors, facial recognition, and more. You can even use it for batch processing by having it recognize clips with specific people and organizing them in bins.</p>
<p>The Resolve FX module from DaVinci Resolve 16 has been equipped with new plug-ins, such as thumbnails, drop shadows, object deletion, analog noise, damage, and more. Other modules, such as beauty, facial refinement, deformation and others have also been improved. The Fairlight audio page has also undergone a makeover, with more plugins, dialogue softeners, immersive 3D audio support and more.</p>
<p>As before, Blackmagic sells DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 for $ 299 and offers a free version with some features removed. If you already have a version of Studio, like the one provided with the BMPCC 4K camera, you will benefit from the free update. It is still in beta for the moment, but you can download it and try it at the bottom of this page.</p>
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