Blackpink wins against Coachella with his first full American concert – Variety

Memo to Spice Girls: It does not matter the group meeting that the world has been missing for two decades. We could be officially covered by girls' groups for many years, based on the reception of Blackpink's first public concert in America at Coachella on Friday night.

"I have a few words to say," said Jennie of the group, presenting the final figures. "We come from South Korea, we did not know what to expect, and obviously we, you and us, come from a totally different world. But tonight, I think we've learned so deeply that music brings us as one. So I want to thank you guys tonight for staying at the end of the series, "she added, aware that a significant number of spectators were just curious. "You guys are great, and those of you who will be joining us at next week's concert will see us soon."

The concert is the flagship Wednesday night show at the Forum in Inglewood, marking the beginning of their US tour.

But if it was a slightly abbreviated version of what they will soon undertake for a trek to the top of the bill, the audience's enthusiasm was limited, while the K-pop quartet had managed to cover 13 songs in a set that lasted a little over 50 minutes. They performed four of six songs from their recent EP "Kill This Love", while finding time to jump on a massive audience of Sahara Tent who, ingeniously or not, claimed to be bigger than expected.

BLACKPINKChaachella Valley, Music and Art Festival, Weekend 1, Day 1, Indio, USA - April 12, 2019

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Lisa stood out as a surprisingly bilingual rapper. While the pony that she swayed gave her a slight resemblance to Ariana Grande, the star of Sunday night, no one would have mistaken that other Coachella star once she'd discovered the Live premiere of the recent "Kick It" album. included the new "DDU-DU DDU-DU" as the first part of the show, Jennie solo with (naturally) "Solo" and their "Kiss and Make Up" 2017, less Dua Lipa, but nothing worse for that.

It was not always easy to say who among the audience was an unconditional fan and who was making discoveries, since the levels of enthusiasm often matched. On the way to the Sahara tent, you could see brother brothers screaming "Blackpink", and whether it was by irony or whether it was serious was not immediately obvious. But if already knowing the words was an indication of fandom, the faithful in the crowd did not always collapse on obvious demographic bases. Children with a punk look (a rare commodity in Coachella in these post-rock days) sang, just like a white couple of the late '50s who seemed to know all the words, right next to the expected crowd of Korean Americans and the youngest women who could have discovered Blackpink through the BTS as an initiation drug.

The choreography could be more of a selling point than music – and it was transparent enough among the four to make adding half a dozen or more dancers superfluous – but the music is well designed and well air. The Coachella pocket at the end of the 10s is optimistic.

"We had so much fun, I think I will remember it today for the rest of my life," said Jisoo, suggesting that even though they had all the practical reasons for it, To expect the United States to comply too, perhaps they did not consider it an absolute, after all.

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