Blade Symphony becomes a free game and some players are not really happy with it •


Blade Symphony has become a free game and is now under critical bombing.

"After a year and a half, Blade Symphony is now free, and we did not want to do it to reduce complexity (although it's much easier to develop at the moment)," said Puny Human's representative, uh, " Urinal-Cake "on Steam. "We did not want to do this for money (there are only 4 items for sale.) We did not want to do this to manage overhead (even though we are now transferring all the material from Inventory at Steam.).

"We wanted to do this so that this game is more accessible and has a longer life.The game deserves to be tried, even if it's approaching 5 years and it's started to be developed in 2007. So here he is, and thank you for playing. "

The free update brings 48 new items to the multiplayer game, added to encourage trading and shopping, and "10 exclusive items will be distributed to premium game owners" and the developer hopes it will "only have not to do it. " stop there. "

Unfortunately, it is not enough to soothe resentment. As PC Gamer points out, although 70% of users have posted favorable reviews over the five years of the game's existence, the last 30 days have been reversed, with 70% of them now leaving comments "generally negative". Critics come from confirmed and irritated players with the F2P switch, while new players criticize the controls and visuals of the game.

"I regret having spent real money for this game. They have amortized it over time, so its swordplay is more complex," said one. from them, while another lamented: "It's a slap for those who have paid [sic] some money for that and now I see "Items" for real money? Relly [sic] ? How many milk mages this game ♥♥♥♥♥♥. "

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