Blatant Apex Legends: Cheater gets what he deserves after spreading hacks on Twitch |

A Twitch streamer was banned from the streaming platform for hacking when broadcasting Apex Legends.

The free battle of Respawn Entertainment has already surpassed 25 million players in record time, but that means some players are trying to use tricks to succeed in the game.

Respawn confirmed, in a long post from Reddit, that they had started cracking down on the first cheats, revealing that they had already banned more than 16,000 players. Now, a Twitch streamer released under the name 'Mengiez' has been banned from the platform for using obvious hackers and posting them continuously.

Respawn Entertainment

Mengiez will no longer jump in Apex Legends.

Viewers were able to view some of the exploits in action, showing how the streamer had allowed Wallhack to come in the form of boxes on which players could better see themselves in the game, even if they were hiding in the game. 39; shelter.

The clips also found that they may have also used sighting systems similar to Dharyxd, the first Twitch flute to cheat, while Mengiez perceived bullet cartridges with surprising accuracy – missing only a few Long-range shots the ground of the map.

Although players are not yet able to report a player in play for cheating, they can contact Respawn via their website. Even though journalists do not have video evidence of these exploits, the developers said they would study the claims.

The developers also confirmed, via Reddit, that they had heard feedback on having a report feature in the game, but did not reveal whether it was in progress or not.

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