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Blizzard debuts the last hero of "Overwatch" in a new video of Origin Story, presenting the Haitian combat nurse Baptiste.

The video, which we can see below, describes Baptist as a fighter of a better world. Originally from Haiti, he is one of the millions of orphans of the Omnic wars, a bloody battle often mentioned in the game. His skills are recruited by Talon, a group of mercenaries led by a collective of wicked, but Baptist ends up discovering that the group is targeting it.

The new medical character was first teased by Blizzard earlier this week. On Thursday, Blizzard published a letter in the voice of "Overwatch: Talent's Talon Team Leader, D. Cuerva, which deals with a deserter.

"I know it's better than underestimating Baptiste," reads in part of the letter tweeted by the publisher. "I helped train him myself and he was one of our best. I have never seen such a good doctor and his ability to adapt to new situations is a rare talent. We have all seen our fair share of conflict, but Baptiste was built to survive. I swear he's lucky enough for the devil.

Blizzard has not yet announced its official release date, but Baptiste will soon be on the testing market.

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