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Blood in the water redefines the legs of the sea – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Shark Week is on the horizon, and those looking for Discovery's annual tribute to ocean predators will be offered something new this year. capsized: Blood in the water, starring Josh Duhamel, is the first feature film written in Shark Week. Watch the first frozen trailer above.

Based on the true story of a meeting of sharks in October 1982, Blood in the water Follows the unlucky on board a Florida-bound yacht that capsizes during an unexpected storm. His crew is allowed to drift for days in the icy waters of the Atlantic, where he becomes the prey of a group of tiger sharks. With hopes for rescue dwindling, the crew must do everything in their power to survive, with sharks continuing to hunt them.

Tyler Blackburn, Rebekah Graf, Beau Garrett and Josh Close are also on the menu, also in the film produced by Stephen David Entertainment.

In the clip, our castaways are hooked to a lifeboat while their lower appendages hang temptingly below the surface. And at least one of them is cut – the drawing, well, you know who.

Here are some pictures of more than Blood in the water, which is broadcast at 21h Wednesday, July 31. Good summer navigation, friends.




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