– Blue-Gold Game: Five Takeaway

Our Lady beat Notre Dame 58-45 at the annual Blue-Gold game. Okay, so technically it's the defense that's imposed, but it's been a good day for the Fighting Irish program. The injuries were minor, many players found work and some of the progress made in the spring in the first 14 practices proved to be in the game.

My five points to remember from the game:

1. Run Game Looked Sharp: The experience at the front is a key element of a powerful ground attack, and the return of four starters along the offensive line is hoping for a ground attack in 2019. It's a good season, but she was really revealed in today's Blue-Gold match.

The team's first offensive line was very good on the line, and even when she did not have the slightest push, she did a great job of keeping a body on a body, which allowed patients to stay patient. You saw that on the 27 meters run per second year student Jahmir Smith, who bounced off the outside after initially entering the line, but the blockers remained engaged and allowed him to go out freely.

Not having the quarterback run as part of the attack should also be taken into account, and when this becomes a factor, this should only enhance the effectiveness of this part of the game.

If Notre Dame can get a clear idea of ​​what she was on the ground in 2017, the offensive could be dynamic.

2. The back field is MUCH improved The line deserves a lot of credit for the strong attack on the ground, of course, but the game of the halves was also very impressive. It can be difficult to combine patience and determination, and it has been a challenge for the back in recent years.

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