Bo Jackson, Tom Brady and Troy Aikman reacted to Andrew Luck's early retirement decision by presenting a similar argument


The sudden retirement of Andrew Luck has caused a shockwave in the NFL over the past two days. Luck, who is just 29, said his ongoing battle against injuries ultimately led to his decision to hang up his shoes after just seven seasons and 86 regular season games. Luck has stated that his decision to retire is based on how the injuries he has suffered consistently over the last four years have seriously injured him physically and mentally.

The NFL's reaction to Luck's retirement was unanimously favorable. Among those who supported Luck's decision was quarterback Tom Brady of the Patriots, who was asked questions about Luck during his weekly radio show on WEEI on Monday morning.

"It's his life," said Brady about Luck, who called the decision to retire the most difficult decision of his life so far. "Everyone has the right to choose what he wants to do, he had a great career and he was a great player, everyone wants to be in good health all the time." It's a sport of contact and he certainly had his share of injuries, so the guys are retiring at different times.Some at the end of the season, and I've seen a lot of guys retire before the season starts and this is just one of those examples. "

While Brady represented the current players who support Luck's decision, Troy Aikman, a current Sports Hall of Fame quarterback for Fox Sports, reacted in the same way after Luck received some criticism of him.

"What allows you to decide how a person should live his life?" Aikman asked in a tweet.

Bo Jackson, the only athlete in the history of professional sports to have been named star player of football and baseball, has supported Aikman while offering his support to Luck Monday night. As in Luck, injuries forced Jackson to leave football before his 30th birthday.

"I'm behind @TroyAikman and every word he said, " Jackson wrote via Twitter. "Do not criticize a man until you've worn his cleats – if you're never tied to the pads, you have nothing to say about something you do not know about." nothing."

Aikman and Jackson not only represent the majority of media members who have publicly endorsed Luck's decision, they also represent former NFL players who understand the magnitude of pain – both physical and mental – that the players undergo throughout their career. While a serious injury ended Jackson's career at age 28, Aikman, the only quarterback to be inducted into the Hall of Fame before his 40th birthday, suffered a series of concussions before being considered a career 34 years after the 2000 season.

Robert Griffin III was one of the current NFL players who responded to the announcement of Luck's retirement this weekend. Griffin, who also suffered many serious injuries over his eight-year career, defeated Luck to win the Heisman Trophy in 2011. Griffin appeared to be on the road to NFL celebrity earlier in his career before his injuries force him to force him. its current role as a backup.

"We are considered as superheroes, not like [being] humans, "Griffin said of some of the negative reactions Luck received following his decision to retire." For him, have this human element and express it at his press conference after the match … I thought it was really huge. "

Luck, at his retirement press conference, said the constant cycle of "injuries, pain, recovery, injuries" over the last four years had finally led to his decision to retire. Despite the success that he experienced last season after being injured in the shoulder during the 2016 season, he was injured in his calf and ankle. After a new year of uncertainty, Luck decided to honor a promise he made in 2016, when he told himself that he would never play a role again. season under this type of pain.

"I'm hurting, I'm still suffering," Luck said Saturday night, according to ESPN's Mike Wells. "This cycle of pain and rehabilitation has been going on for four years – it's a myriad of problems: calf strain, posterior ankle strain, high ankle sprain, and my next step is finding a way to feel better. "

As Luck tries to regain the health he missed in the second half of his NFL career, Brady continues to ask questions about how he can continue to play at a high level as he begins his 20th season in the NFL.

"I think that's all," said Brady, who is the only starting quarterback in the NFL history to have won a Super Bowl in his forties. "There is really a physical element, there is certainly an emotional element, I think there is a mental element, and I think that everything must really be assembled so that you are the best version of yourself. as a player and it requires a lot of support It takes a lot of see, you can see me as an individual.I have the support of my teammates, my coaches, my family, my friends, Alex (Guerrero ), my workout system, you really need things to come together to continue to succeed.

"It's great to benefit from this support because a football season is apparent at a marathon.There are some very difficult times, be it physically, emotionally or mentally – you need somebody." One to help you overcome difficult times because it is not so easy It's a big challenge, but it's very rewarding to take up the challenge too. "

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