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Bob Lutz: Improved Tesla panel deficiencies are now "world class"


Published on June 16, 2019 |
by Dr. Maximilian Holland

June 16, 2019 by Dr. Maximilian Holland

The famous Tesla bear, Bob Lutz, recently boasted the quality of Tesla vehicle manufacturing. He stated about Model 3 that he had inspected: "Not only was the painting flawless, but the different panels were an impeccable set of precision. . "

This is an important note from Lutz, who sings the impending fall of Tesla for years. Now a retired veteran of the auto industry, Lutz's views on the world's largest producer of electric vehicles are, at best, mixed.

Let's remember that in July 2006, Tesla revealed the first long-range motor vehicle, the Roadster. Then, in August 2006, Elon Musk "leaked" Tesla Motors' secret master plan, announcing the roadmap for his product for increasingly affordable electric vehicles.

Later, Lutz acknowledged that the projects of Tesla Roadster and its first electric vehicles (as well as the first successes of the Prius) inspired GM to work on the Chevrolet Volt (watch Chris Payne's watch). The revenge of the electric car for more ancient history). Lutz also said about Tesla, and his pioneering work in the field of electric vehicles, that he "will still owe him a gratitude for somehow breaking the ice." Lutz obviously recognizes the early role that Tesla played in the revival of the electric vehicle and inspire others to work on their own electric vehicles.

Lutz has often praised Tesla vehicles themselves, claiming about the Tesla Model S: "A Model S, particularly with improved performance, is one of the fastest sedans, the best braking and braking you can buy in the world today. … Time to accelerate will exceed 350,000 exotic European dollars. "

However, Lutz has often expressed doubts about Tesla's business model and lack of focus on profitability. There are many examples of Lutz's denigration of Tesla, but it gives a general idea: "Tesla's business model is upside down. … Their costs have always been greater than their income. … they must always have more capital, then they burn it. We have several times hidden the shadow that Lutz has been throwing against Tesla in recent years – if you want more examples, our complete archives are here. Charles Morris also has an excellent article retracing many of Lutz's statements about Tesla and Elon Musk, if you want a deep dive.

In my opinion, Lutz's misunderstanding of Tesla's investment strategy for growth before profit is quite simple. Lutz himself has always been a career man working for existing and established builders, who were well beyond their initial growth phase, and had probably never understood the culture of a start-up -up innovative seeking to break the status quo. He probably did not understand Tesla's deliberate intention of continually investing in (extraordinarily) high growth, not quarterly earnings. in itself. This is a conscious business strategy by Tesla, a strategy that Elon Musk reiterated at Tesla's recent 2019 annual meeting of shareholders.

In all fairness to Lutz, given his own career, he could not hope to understand that. Since he left his fairly conventional leadership duties, Lutz has only been involved in two small start-up automotive companies (VIA Motors and VLF Automotive). It seems that neither of them has gone beyond the presentation of approximate concepts and that now, both seem to have failed or entered a suspended animation. In short, Lutz has never been involved in a successful start. He is not an entrepreneur.

Bob Lutz. Image credit: Ed Schipul / [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

The wind has now changed once again and we see Lutz again singing the praises of Tesla's vehicles. In a recent Road and track Article, Lutz writes, "When I saw a red metallic 3 model in an Ann Arbor parking lot, I felt compelled to examine it." Lutz was waiting to see evidence of the # 39; "production hell" of Tesla Model 3, in gaps in the panels and imperfections in the paint job.

To his surprise, Lutz found something completely different:

"But, beside the car, I was stunned. Not only was the paint flawless, but the panels were a perfect set of precision. The openings between the hood and the wings, the doors on the chassis and all the others seemed perfectly equal, equal from one side to the other and completely parallel. Spaces of 3.5 to 4.5 mm are considered a class of words. This model 3 at the height. "

If anyone fears that Lutz has been removed and replaced by an avatar, do not worry:

"Thus, even though I continue to criticize Tesla's business model and Musk's strategy, it was impossible to criticize the visual quality of this model."

Thanks Bob, good to know that some things never change. 😉

Editor's Note: Although I enjoyed laughing at Bob Lutz's comments about Tesla over the years, I think he deserves many praise for his very open mind and for having so congratulated Tesla publicly after putting so much pessimism on the ability of the company to succeed or even produce some of its vehicles (Model S, Model X, Model 3). Thanks + Congratulations to Bob for not being a tribal tribal troll.

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