Body found looking for a missing teenager in North Carolina

Hania Noelia Aguilar was abducted outside her home in Lumberton on the morning of November 5, 2018, officials said.

The body was found Tuesday afternoon in Robeson County, the FBI said in a statement, just a few miles from Hania's home.

The investigators informed the family of the missing teenager "by caution", but the body's identity was not confirmed, the FBI announced.

The authorities have followed more than 800 abduction projects in Hania.

"Please, keep praying for Hania, his family and the other while the investigation continues to find out who kidnapped Hania and hold him responsible," the FBI said.

Police said that a person had driven with Hania in the utility vehicle of one of his parents parked in the alley on Monday morning before classes, prompting the authorities to issue an Amber alert for him .

A witness saw a man dressed in black and wearing a yellow bandana forcing Hania into the vehicle. The authorities stated that they had no reason to believe that Hania knew that her abductor and her family were cooperating in the investigation.

The stolen sports utility vehicle was found abandoned within 15 km of Hania's home at Rosewood Mobile Home Park, authorities said.

Lumberton police and the FBI have asked residents with video surveillance systems to save video recordings, even if they do not see the vehicle in the sequence, and to contact them. More recently, the FBI Charlotte published a photo of sneakers belonging to Aguilar, hoping to generate more tips on the disappearance of the teenager.

The Lumberton Police Department and the FBI have followed more than 800 tracks, questioned more than 400 people and examined hours of surveillance videos since the kidnapping, according to FBI officials in Charlotte.

The reward for the information that has driven her has reached $ 20,000, said Friday the Lumberton Police Chief, Michael McNeill.

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