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Boeing unveils autonomous fighter

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The military contractor Boeing announced Wednesday the development of an autonomous fighter plane that it plans to sell to customers around the world.

The company plans to pilot the unmanned aircraft, nicknamed the Boeing Airpower Teaming System, by 2020. Although the company can design the aircraft according to the needs of its customers, the autonomous jet can be particularly well suitable for long flights. remote monitoring missions that a human pilot might not be able to perform, depending on Reuters.

Remote control

Although Boeing refused to share the maximum speed of his new aircraft with Reutersan autonomous vehicle would be able to travel faster and further than the physiology of a human pilot would allow, opening the door to new types of missions.

"To bring that extra component and the benefit of unmanned capabilities, you can accept a higher level of risk," said Shane Arnott, research director at Boeing. Reuters.

Flexible machines

Although Boeing has close relations with the US military, the company plans to sell its autonomous jet to customers around the world. The US Air Force has already examined projects to complement crewed jets with autonomous systems Reuters reports, but other countries could also use the Boeing Airpower Consolidation System.

"We have not designed this solution as a one-off solution, but rather a very flexible solution that we could equip with payloads, sensors and different sets of missions to complete the fleet," said Kristin Robertson, Vice President. , Boeing Autonomous Systems. Reuters. "Do not consider it as a specific product designed for a single mission."

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